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Tracks Istanbul 1.0

Istanbul for FT

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  1. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Wow, I bet turn 8 in the trucks is amazing! Thanks for this, Patrick. Can't wait to try it.
  2. Not loading, are there any commonmaps or shader files needed Patrick ?

    ''Error opening MAS file CLOUDSCIRRUS.MAS''

    Just to make you aware.
  3. Yes, some poeple have that. Try a gscsync. And you will have the metalmoro added haha
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  4. Haha o.k
  5. Ho, sorry, i thought We were in the GSC thread... No gscsync on formula truck...
  6. Oh, I thought you meant to wait and go check out the Metalmoro in the mean time :D lol. Well, also have CLOUDMED.MAS missing from Silverstone. Maybe a clouds mas file upload for us when you get the time? I'm checking out the beta v1.25 of GSCE so it's all good :D
  7. Will give a look ;-)
  8. Are you running It on the steam version? You need to
  9. Nope not yet, I will, but I actually use GOG for my games and don't use steam, and thus no need for it. I will take a look later
  10. Thank's Patrick!!! Very cool track for the trucks. ;)