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Tracks Istanbul GP 1.1

Istanbul Park Circuit for rf2

  1. Lazarou


    Any screenshots or videos?
  2. nice version, worth the download.
  3. I only did a couple laps but first impression is positive. My car didn't get pogo'd off any curbs, no crazy seams in the road- RR works and the track looks like a winner. I'll do some more testing this week- thanks for the work!
  4. yeah, also had a positive impression when i DLd this, though i know nothing of the actual circuit...would be nice to know where the heck it came from?
  5. really fantastic world, turkish, mi orian, mi occidant; really one of the best track; don t know if it is now onthe championship; these corners to take with an old f1 car, are really fabulous; there is in this a part of Malaysia, china, and japan f1's track ; the championship would be tothis part of the world, to create more values.
  6. thanks to theses population that porpose the evolution, cause in europe, no move, just a war from the superior
  7. Excellent update. Just a few flashing textures to spoil the immersion (as usual with ISI graphics).