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Issue with track from BTB to BTB and AI

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Wizbiscuit, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Hi, look at the first 10 pages cant see this, though I am sure I have seen a fix before. I have a track in BTB (for rFactor) and I moved the project to BTBevo so I can use it in RaceOn.

    I just moved the project folder and exported it (ran it in GTR2 first), when the track loads in RaceOn, the cars are about 1/2 a wheel underground, so I can leave the pits, if I jump to the race all the cars are stuck together about 10 meters in the air... I thought the fix was the height option in BTB but thats only at export, so I assume thats not going to help me... Is there a simple fix for this???

    Also AI in rFactor, I am using the ISI tools to setup some better AI (rFactor AIWCAM Editor), but after I do the fast line, I run it in game and the AI are either 5 seconds off the pace or else they run off the corners (often disapearing through a wall). I know I am doing the process OK, so I assume the issue is something to do with the way I drive the fast line.

    I am using the default ZR car from the original game, this a good car for AI??? Some people say 80% speed, some say fast, some say smooth. I have tried all, still crappy AI, I have some cambered corners but these are not the only ones with issues.

    Any AI fast line advice would be nice.

  2. Mmm ta, I will check that out, also think I will delete all the BTB AI stuff and start in in BTBEVO, see if that helps.
  3. I think I read once that if you use the isi aiw editor that you need to clear all the data btb has generated.
  4. I'm not sure that is 100% correct as I took an AIW file that was completely created in BTB and opened in the ISI AIW Editor and changed the fast path and then saved the file and it worked perfectly.

    I am no expert but just sharing my results.:wink2:

  5. In earlier versions of BTB it was necessary to redo the main path in the ISI editor [the main path was pretty much all the data BTB generated at that time].

    Now that all of the AI creation can be done in BTB I don't think that it applies any more.

    In rFactor editor the default ZR car is good to use. With doing the fast line, I've found that the speed you drive it at doesn't matter, the main thing is to get the line as smooth as possible, any unnecessary change of direction [late turn in to a corner for example] will appear as a bend to the AI and slow them down. It often needs some tweaking in the editor.

    If your AI are going through walls then you need to adjust the corridors.