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Issue when loading track

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by SmashingPants67, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Hi, i had a problem with my rFactor days ago and today. The issue is: The track loads with no problems till it fill the bar, when NOTHING happens and i have to close it with the task manager. Happened in Brasilia Stock Car and Interlagos from F1 2011 track pack (which contains on and offline versions)
    Windows 7 32 bits and upgraded some cars (converted some from GTA San Andreas, upgraded them but i selected my car as an as well upgraded Chevette Monomarcas. The upgrades came from ZR and Corsa A).
    Windows 7 32bits
  2. Try pressing the enter button many times when the progress bar has stopped and see if the track loads or crashes to desktop.
  3. With a "stopped working/encountered a problem" message?
  4. Well sometimes there is a message to say a certain texture/mesh couldn't load (and this may not have been visible to you) but "sometimes" you can still use the track by pressing enter and continue loading the track...but yes you should alt-tab to see if there is a message!
  5. Another thing to consider is this...I can not remember which way round but i think the track loads first and when the progress is at the end it's loading car textures.