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Issue on PC Restart and Sound Problems

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by TR6speed, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. I have a PC version and I need to have the CD in the drive for the game to run. What my problem is, when I run the game for the first time each day, it will load fine from the desktop icon. However if I exit the came and come back later I must remove the CD close the drive and then put it back in the drive. If I try and launch the came with the CD still in the drive from my past play I receive an error message that it is a bad disk or the wrong disk (or something like that). Does anyone else have that issue?

  2. Yes, you are not alone, I had that problem - most annoying
  3. Just get the No CD exe. Problem solved.
  4. do you have a link for it, as I could do with this too ?
  5. Not really looking for a NO Cd patch, just would like to know why it will not start again without removing the CD closing the drive and then putting the CD back in the drive.
  6. I think (and this is a guess) that it will be for security to make sure you are accessing a genuine F1 2010 dvd and not a copy, or clone on another drive. This assumes that this affects all PC users that have the dvd version rather than Steam.
  7. I have of games that require the CD/DVD to be in the drive when you start the game, but this is different. In the other games I can leave it in and exit the game and them go back later with out having to open and close the drive. With F1 2010, I cannot simply click on the desk top icon to restart the game. If the disk is in the drive I need to open it and then close it. I normally remove it after playing because if I open MyComputer to check files or to install downloads the hard drive does a lot of searching back and forth between it and the disk drive before it proceeds to the files. I really belive that there is an issue with my disk.
  8. I Needs some Advice

    mod edit: threads merged - please do not start another thread with a very similar topic to your previous one. If you have more questions on the same subject, Please make another post in your existing thread rather than start a new one. Thanks. JC.

    I purchased the F1 2010 on eBay a few weeks ago. I have two major issues. First teh sound is like I am driving in a tunnel. This issue was addressed earlier by reinstalling the Rature Audio and it actually showed up in the Audio setting. Now it is gone. I did install the Real Audio mod and it worked fine. I then tried the Enhanced Audio by Derinahon and it went back to the tunnel sound. and the Repture no longer showed. I reinstalled the Rapture but no help. I had also reinstalled the original audio files.

    Second issue is that I cannot exit the game and than come back later and restart it without first open the drive and than close it. Sometimes I actually have to remove the disk close the drive wait and than reopen it insert the disk and close it before it will start.

    My question for you is, would you recommend a download from Stream and simply do away with the disk version? I am getting so tired of these issues.
  9. Sorry for the duplication. What I was really trying to find out, was should I fork out an additional $40 for the downloadable Stream version and would that fix my two main issues. After spendind hours uninstalling and reloading the game along with looking at different files as well as search the internet I think I finally have the sound issue fixed. I found a post on another forum with a list of fixes for different issues of which one was a sound issue. I tried it and the reverb or tunnel sound is corrected. I am sorry for taken up anyones time.
  10. Steam would solve the DVD drive issue at a price, or you could learn to live with it, or download alternative methods.
  11. Now that I have the sound issue corrected, I can live with the DVD issue. I realize there is a No CD patch out there, but many look at it as a pirate issue. I can understand this as anyone could loan their original DVD to someone to install and than get the No CD patch and they are home free. I have them on some of my older racing games which saves the DVD/CD from damage.