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Issue detecting graphics card

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Niall Fitzpatrick, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Hi all thought I'd better report this.
    When I launch FTuck Config.exe it will only list my intel graphics card and not my dedicated graphics card which results in formula truck failing to launch. I have tried running as administrator, changing compatibility settings, right-clicking on the exe and clicking 'run with high performance nvidia processor' but to no avail. I do not have this problem with GSC.
    If anyone has the same issue I was able to get around it by copying my Config.ini settings from GSC to Ftruck. I think VideoGUID is of particular importance. Once I saved the Config.ini file FTuck would launch just fine.
    I hope this gets addressed in a future patch.

    Windows 7 64-bit 12gb Ram
    i7-3630QM 2.4GHz
    Nvidea Gtx 660m
  2. same here but i cant start the game at all
    When I launch FTuck.exe the Config menu pops up and only list my intel graphics card
    and when i click ok menu goes away and nothing happens
    my graphics card is a nvidia geforce GT550M
  3. notebook cards are making those problems, indicating the M Series, Notebooks are known for those troubles since years.
  4. Hey Reiza
    will there be a fix for this problem?
    or should I request refund?

    ps. I can run Game Stock Car, rFactor 2, Race 07, GT Legend without problems

    Any help appreciated. Thanks
  5. Randy Chamberlin

    Randy Chamberlin
    Premium Member

    In the bios is your onboard video disabled?
  6. I do not think so. I have not changed anything

    but I do not think it's my computer. because I can run all the other sim including GameStock Car
  7. Maybe you can manipulate them values with nvidia inspector to be compatible with the game.
  8. If you have GSC and it works you can try copying Config.ini from the root directory there to your FTruck install folder, as that's the file that various game settings and the graphics config is stored. I think the relevant line is the VideoGUID= line but just duplicating the file would be a good test.

    Not sure why the config exe isn't generating the file correctly though, that's a bit strange..
  9. I've tried but sadly without success :(
  10. Assumption: config.exe uses Intel HD Graphics Processor as default therefore it is not listed as supported devices and gets no VideoGUID as supposed to the GTXXXXM Series which should, or another strictly not listed under supported devices and therefore not getting properly assigned.
    Usually the M Series comes as adaptive energy save card straight of the box that has its predefined range of games and is troublesome to smaller less known games. Intel/Nvidia is exchanging the power while Intel remains the dominant of the two to save energy on the accumulator life time - if Nvidia isn't set to be the merrier of the two you'll run on onboard graphics - well in this case the alright to surf onboard but not to play in favor to the alright to play common stuff from nvidia. It might be that neither can handle the game but I'm sceptical - it should be possible powerwise it's just not specified somehow in the VideoGUID that it should use a certain set. Although I looked up on how to determine the VideoGUID I came up empty on my search.