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ISI Tracks ... Never say, never!

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Gijs van Elderen, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Offroad track: an old project.

    image.jpg image.jpg

    A weekend Project

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    A track update coming?

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. The third is the Estoril update?! Looks promising :)
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  3. The 2nd one looks like the awesome Fantasy ISI street track from rFactor 1. The top looks like...no idea. The last looks like the Estoril update.

    Are all these new official ISI previews?? I have no idea how I didn't spot these??.....
  4. Sardian Heights...
  5. This'll be a welcome addition to my short list, occupying the spot I was hoping Lester would fill until I discovered how terrible the AI is there...
  6. The backlog of cars and tracks at ISI is astonishing, we have rF2 for many years to come.
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  7. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    Things worth pointing out in terms of content in the works include two really big things from what I know and understand (although there is certainly room for even more content I do not know about)

    ISI have the rights to produce every car that takes part in the World Series by Renault. Whilst I cannot 100% confirm a FR2.0 being made it is something that ISI have access to but the Renault R.S.01 for example is a confirmed car in progress at ISI.

    Another big one is the road to indy deal that has been muttered about on the ISI forums. A 3rd party Indy Lights car is being made in a sort of conjuncture with ISI (Not dissimilar to the NSX). Star Mazda is a series that ISI has the rights to produce content for and they are working on getting either a series or team specific deal regarding F2000. So there is the scope to have a full ladder from skip barber through to indycar in a very real future.

    On top of that NOLA has been confirmed as coming along with other tracks run by the indycar series being hinted at.

    Add all of that to LiDar Daytona and Laguna being produced 3rd party along with the SuperGT Nissan that ISI have in a late-ish stage of progress and you're talking a LOT of quality content due in the imminent future.
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  8. I did not know about ANY of this, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I'm thrilled by the road to indy content and cannot wait for it. Fairly amazing content coming soon.
  10. ISI Track Team:
    Some slightly older track work we didn't show yet -- just some fun. There is no need to guess at this point, yet :) .

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  11. Still waiting... :)
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Speaking of 'never say never' is ISI ever going to fix AI bug with historics hitting tire stacks and Mountain Peak? This and broken Howstons perplex me because they are simply broken. Maybe (WRT Mountain Peak) ISI knew a "stock car update" was going to be necessary like they did with Indy?

    Meanwhile, all these tracks seem to work...

    Tiger Moth - Excellent quality on release ; no bugs that I know of
    Indy - Recent update "to make stock car ready" + other improvements
    Portugal - Recent update very long time after release but was always functional
    Loch Drummond - Updated very quickly after initial release
    AMP - Recent release with good quality as far as i can tell

    Sardian Heights hopefully won't be broken.

    Mountain Peak and Howstons appear to be orphans.

    Sparks could use updates badly especially now with CPM unless more changes will be required with final tire model.
  14. Mountain Peak? Haven't heard plans of an update. ISI has been going through the existing tracks and updating graphics to their new standard (plus any other fixes as necessary), but now that Portugual v2 was released, I don't know which one is next. You're always free to make your AIW and, if you asked around, you might find someone already made one.

    How are Howstons broken? The only two things that come to mind are the early AI pitting due to fuel (turn off fuel usage as a workaround or just pit when the AI pits the first time & you'll be on the same sequence) and the silly slipping clutch (just use autoclutch as a workaround) in place of a real drivetrain solution. I wouldn't expect an update for the Howston until after the stockcars are released.

    ISI has, at least for cars(*), announced they will update old cars with CPM and alternate with new car releases. DW12 Indycars were just updated, so the next car update/release will be something new. Everybody expects the new car release to be stockcars. Since it looks like there's one more change in the core code required before stockcars are released, it could be we'll have to wait for the next rF2 build. Or it could be that one of the other announced cars will be released next (Eagle, Nissan, Maverick, road-to-Indy), then an update to an existing car, new rF2 build, and then stockcars.

    (*) Track releases appear to be following this pattern, but I never saw an announcement that they would.
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  15. A cone ...

    Some trees...

    A shadow...

    A green curb... :barefoot: Looks familiar? :ninja:

    Bingo: :geek: I know!!!

    But I'm not telling! :p
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  16. I don´t have a clue. :cry:
    PM me please :rolleyes: I will not say anything :whistling: ijijjiji
  17. I might be wrong! That's why i'm not telling... :p

    But if it is what i think it is ...
    Check out the ISI tracks and compare ...
    Green curbs... :whistling:

    Enough hints? ;)
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  18. Ok. I think I got it. ;)
  19. The mystery has been revealed... Mills is being refreshed.
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  20. 11703382_977319608985618_6769727037736323750_n.jpg 11750652_977319592318953_1719796281183599842_n.jpg 11751855_977319605652285_4725827056902996408_n.jpg 11796174_977220272328885_2932821879721480344_n.jpg