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Is your crash count going up?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by taz1004, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Mine's keep going up and have no clue what's causing it. Even after a race I thought was clean with no contacts, I add a few crash counts. I run a few practice laps in proving grounds, I rack up a few crash counts. I would prevent it if I at least knew what are actually considered crash.

    I did notice that at Montreal, cutting the final chicane sometimes counts as crash... but doesn't happen always either.
  2. So does mine, i´m way above 700 crashes after 2½ seasons. No shot in hell. Im gonna go and throw out a guess... it counts even a slide as a crash. This is the only thing i can think off that can contribute to so high nr of crashes.
  3. Yeah I'm halfway through my second season and it claims I have over 1,500 crashes. Ridiculous. Apparently, I'm a very untidy driver!
  4. I don't get it either. I had 1 crash, and my crash count went up by 97! I just bought and installed the game 3 days ago, and I played it twice briefly. Theres no way Icould have 97 crashes.
  5. I at 1100 outrageous. lol. Ya but if backmarkers would get out the way it be many hundreds less. I done 2 seasons and 4 races full length races and lots of practice session etc.
  6. Do you guys all play with TC off? Veselko may be right because first season I played with TC on, I didn't rack up this many crash counts. Perhaps it counts even wheelspin as crash?
  7. I expect it counts going off the track like even just 2 wheels hit grass briefly and if you miss the corner running the on grass is multi crashes. The same when stupid backmarkers swing back onto the racing line without warning, you smash into the back of the them and you could easy touch them multi times/crashes. When the com cars get hit they brake and I ve ended up pushing them along trying to get past.
  8. Everytime you hit something its a crash... So yeah i got 5 million crashes 1st race