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Is using a steeringwheel slower than a controller?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Lee Memea, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, i've just got me a new steering wheel(madcatz for xbox) but i've found that when i play, the accelration seems slower than other cars, i've shortened the gears to try and make the car faster on starts and corners but to no avail, cars still fly by me(especialy when playing online). I know with a wheel i can out brake alot of cars but when it comes to power, (dropping the pedal to the metal) it's slow. I did a test at Catalunya with the exact same setups and car (Redbull). with the controller i can get to 1:19 but with the wheel im lucky to hit 1:22 per lap. I checked my wheel settings but they seem all good: throttle deadzone = 0%, throttle saturation 100%.
    I am confortable using the wheel now but still cant get enough power. Any Ideas??
  2. Since installing the wheel, maybe settings in the game have changed back to defaults? Check in options/assists and see if traction control is on full, medium or off. Check brake assists and ABS are off too. Make sure wings downforce isn't too high, but I'm sure you checked that already.
  3. I actually had a similiar problem with my previous ferrari gt 3 in 1 wheel. When I set up the wheel with the preset actionmap it accelerated very slow but when I set it up with custom preset it accelerated normally. Though no problem with G27 preset.
  4. I checked my game settings, and i do have traction control on full, but brake assists and ABS are off. Would the setting of the wings really make a difference when sitting at the start line ready to race? thats where i lose alot of places especially when playing online. cheers for your input Roman
  5. I looked at my wheel presets but i didn't find anything that could help apart from remapping the buttons :(
  6. Was your traction control on full before you had the wheel or it changed to that since? Too much traction control will let the car grip the track better and reduce it spinning out on certain corners, and if you take a turning too fast or throttle down too fast coming out of turns. But it's at the expense of speed. Same with wings, it pushes down on the car for better turning, but at the expense of speed. Try traction control on medium, and wings on 3 front 1 rear, see how you get on, but you would generally gain more speed with lower settings on both. Of course, some circuits require more downforce depending on the layout, so maybe experiment and see what gives you more speed.
  7. Hi Lee, I only have a PC, no consoles for me, so I can't talk as to any difference, but have you maybe had the engine map on fast previously and it is now on standard, that does make a big difference in performance.
  8. hey funkygib, i checked my engine and both controller and wheel were set to standard, so now im at a loss. Looks like i'll have to live with a slow starting car....cry....cry...
  9. Change from standard to fast while on a track using the quick menu. That should help you increase speed.
  10. Off topic, I hope Lee is ok since the new zealand earthquake.
  11. Cheers Roman, i'm ok, im in Auckland the quake hit christchurch. thanks for your concerns anyway m8.
  12. Good to hear matey.
  13. Glad to hear your safe, we have sent 74 rescuers over, the place is a mess i have been watching on the telly at work.....
  14. Hi Chris, i saw Oz was sending specialists teams over thats great stuff, they need all the help they can get. Christchurch got hit pretty bad this time round with the death toll and missing persons list is rising as the hours go by....sad stuff.