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Is this the end of Bobs Track Builder?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by scottnorbury, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    It's been nearly a year since the last update to BTB, has this project ended, or have I missed a post somewhere regarding this issue. Would be a shame as I really enjoy using this software and it just seems to ended.


  2. It would not be a shame, it was just Piddy's decision to stop working on BTB. It is his huge work (because many people still use it successfully) and nobody has any rights to judge him for that and why that happened. BTB is still a great tool for me and instead of waiting for improvements/updates - I think it's better to think about even more sophisticated methods of making tracks using "just" what we have. "Just" - because BTB is amazing itself.
  3. I do agree it's a good tool. I was only wondering as it had seen improvements and updates on quite a regular basis. I wasn't having a go. Just asking.
  4. I'm sorry man, no offence. There were many threads with discussions "why" and "what now?" etc, so I wanted to possibly close next one :) It was not about you, really. Forgive me if you've taken it personally.
    Looks like BTB is completely closed project, to be onest.
  5. No worries, no offence taken. Thank you for taking the time to answer my query.
  6. You may say that nobody has rights to judge him, but yes we do have, because he has get out of here without saying anything to his community. It's not hard to come here and drop a word or two. He has completely disconnected from us. This behavior is not acceptable, looks like he don't give a **** about us!
  7. Jay, I also would be happy to get new and better versions of BTB...
    He left not exactly without saying anything. I remember his explanation what he wanted to do and why:
    But: "Henceforth I am back into the regular development world and BTB development will continue at a more relaxed pace."
    - well (Jay), you are right at this point.
  8. ISI bought BTB and the laser-scanned data for Bathurst. Well, that's just lies and speculation, but how cool would it be?
    Piddy was pretty close to releasing 0.9, so i'd have thought the relaxed pace would have had it released by now. Maybe the pace is more relaxed for him because he has a proper dev studio working on it? And rF2 will ship with Bathurst Laser-Scanned?
  9. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    If rF2 has some decent cars and also some nicely done laser scanned tracks, i see the end of iRacing, nevermind BTB!! :)
  10. I for one certainly feel as though I have gotten my moneys worth many times over. I understand the need to get back to a job with a steadier income. Bottom line is BTB, as is, lets you create some pretty freek'n awesome tracks from zero to full-on race day. Still, I agree it would be pretty sweet to see an update with things like animated track marshalls and stuff! :)
  11. Think this thread should be locked or deleted, BTB is going nowhere.
  12. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

  13. @Kyle:
    :) :) :)
  14. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    This thread should go one way: to the recycle bin.
  15. Mikec87


    Mmmm. The worst part is that it is illegal to reproduce Bathurst at all. You need permission from Bathurst council and V8 Supercars. And before anyone jumps on me, I do know.
  16. it is not the end off bobs track builder. Btb is a great tool for track designers. Nothing is going to change that. You can use it in many ways and becouse of the directx export also to continue your work in other programs if wish so. I couldn┬┤t imagine any better program to make track (driveline), terrain , vegetation , building placing etc etc... BTB lives forever!
  17. Admis please delete this thread, or lock it.

    BTB going nowhere. End of discussion
  18. That's disappointing. I guess that applies to laser scanning as well as the 'traditional' methods? When you say permission, do you mean you need to fork over a buttload of cash?
    But yeah, the comment from zuikki1 about exporting to dx format, that's a good point. BTB probably has a bunch of novel uses we haven't thought of as well.
    It would make sense for ISI to come up with something like BTB. With the increasing fidelity of game engines comes an increase in the effort to make something up to the engine's standards. It mightn't be too bad for people who have mastered 3Dsmax but that takes quite a while too. The modding nature of rF almost needs some more custom tools, becuase im sure a lot more people want to contribute, but they don't have time to learn the top-level software. Might have a positive impact on their sales too. I'd make cars too, but i don't have the skills or enough enthusiasm to learn. I think the term is 'Middleware'. Not a fully indepth, do anything tool, but tailored to the common user, giving them an easy way to perform the tasks of the topline progs, but specific to their interests (ie, top quality cars/tracks). But, that would take time out of rF2 dev :D
  19. there maybe another reason he's stopped that nobody seems to have thought of ....and thats he could possibly have sold BTB.in which case he would have to cease all developement and whoever
    bought could have put a gagging order on him on anything to do with btb.

    probably way off the mark with this but any company would be mad to turn it down, I'd love to see it sold with rfactor 2....but you can dream can't you.
  20. Mikec87


    Yes Woochoo. The only people who have permission to do Bathurst are Codemasters who paid Bathurst City Coucil to use the track likeness etc. People like ORSM have not got permission. Although ORSM did it for free, V8 Supercars Australia are cracking down on people using thier product, venues etc.

    I think if is created for free and used for free, don't worry about it, but they don't see it that way.