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Is this the best handling game so far?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Alexander Darg, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. For me the answer is a definitely yes by a country mile

    Let me have your thoughts .:confused:
  2. hi,im having these kind of thoughts too.

    I prefer nkpro for its physics,handling etc...For me the first thing i look to a sim is physics ffb etc...Thats why i prefer nkpro.
    Im on vacation now and when i come back i wanna try the gsc to see how it is.The problem is that i never liked rfactor for its physics cause i couldnt feel the touch to the road and i know that gsc is made from the same engine.

    I see some people that they like the gsc and saying is the best etc..But i wanna ask is it true? Did they play other sims so they can judge better to see what is good or not? or they are new simmers and its their first sim?
    Unfortunatly noone of my friends bought it to tell me,so i wanna know too if the gsc is good.
    Thanks :)
  3. For me too this game has the best handling. I don't like at all Rfactor. I play sims since 1991 (F1GP). I have been playing gtr2 et gtrevo during about 10 000 laps. FFB and physics are what I was looking for with gsc. Track modélisation is better than other sims. The G25 is shaking on every bump. Really really immersive...Try it, even if 30 minutes is a little bit short to see the game correctly (interlagos is not my prefered Track).
  4. Well i have driven many race cars in anger and testing as some other forum members know
    i dont brag or boast , but i have to say this is far the best sim for a nearly true to life drive
    i too dont like R factor much as most mods seem to suffer under steer and wash out into corners...
    I never bothered with netkar pro as i havent tried it i dont like the fact there are no Ai i might give it a go......
  5. Really nice handling!

    Hello all,

    I'm not an experienced simulator driver, I´ve only played Grid, NFS Shift 2 and Gran Turismo 5, but I have to say, even if this game isn't the best simulator, it sure is one of the best. Race experience is very-very-real, including force-feedback, and circuits are just perfect!

    Of course, there are lots and lots of improvements to do, but the race itself is very well done.


  6. I don't see that "lots n lots of improvements to do"

    And I would say that Niels took the last bytes out of the gm2 engine when it comes to physics. And I would say that GSC has the best gm2 physics, together with some other rf1 mods...

    Other games, other approaches. So you can't really compare them...
  7. I´ve only played Grid, NFS Shift 2 and Gran Turismo 5

    Im afraid these are just games arcade games at that and they really cant compare to Game stock car no way near it
    i really don't see what improvements need to be done ????? its all about handling for me and this is virtually bang on
    the money
  8. I absolutely agree. This is one sim that I just FEEL like I'm in touch with the car and it feels RIGHT. There are a couple of mods for rFactor that I feel that way too, but this is by far my favorite sim right now. I'm not fast and I'm not a good road course driver, but man am I having a ball with this. Kudos Reiza.
  9. I recently purchased GSC. I’m still setting and tweaking this sim, but thus far, I’m impressed. The driving feels real. Racing the AI is amazing (AI strength at 95%, aggression at 25%), they will bump and grind with you. It’s hard to believe I’m racing AI. There are a few issues that are probably easy to fix, but they did a great job on the fundamentals. This game has huge potential. I’ve been iRacing since it began and PC sim racing for the past 15 years… GSC just feels right with a great sense of speed. I hope this catches on, would like to see more people in multiplayer, but for now, I’m having a blast racing the AI.
  10. I went through an RFactor phase but moved on to Race 07 which is an awesome sim in my opinion. GSC is oft times compared to RFactor but I see more Race 07 in it. I understand they all use the same engine. GSC has incorporated alot of what's good from both. I haven't played anything else since I purchased it three days ago. I do however miss the sounds of kicked up gravel pinging off my car as well as bugs splattering on windscreen...
  11. No-one's going to know how good or bad this game is as they refuse to market it properly, ie, a proper demo....
  12. No one? I managed to...
  13. I loved this game, the physics is very good, the ffb makes the game very inmersive, the AI is very good, more convincing than other games. I wish for more multiplayer games, that is the reason I register to this site and others.
  14. Why release a bull**** 30min demo with a sim?
  15. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    David, is there any game you actually like or is everything bad? From what I read you are complaining about everything :)

    The price of this game is already a demo. A lousy 20 euro and people are crying over a 30 minute demo. Be glad that you actually got a demo!
  16. I could give u a sizeable list of the games I like if you want...?
    Problem is, I have nearly every Simbin game, and Iracing and F1 2010/11 and Shift1/2, so I don't want another game unless it's firstclass, and people can't be trusted to properly review games, that's what a demo's for.
  17. You want a game to be firstclass before you buy it, and yet, you went out and bought Shift 1/2 and F1 2010/F1 2011...oh the irony....:rolleyes:
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  18. David, we can only tell you to buy it. It is the best sim I know. I have played the games you have (not Iracing).
    The best sim is GSC in terms of driving.
    No rain, no night, but a tremendous driving...
  19. It's because of them I want to know the state of a game.
  20. I played the 30 minutes and after I bought it to test it deeply. That's the way here...
    Take it, or don't take it. It is your choice now. We can only tell you our opinion...