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Is this protestable?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. I had just gotten out of a race and finished 4th with no inc thank goodness. However and the end of the race the leader and guy that won was called out by a couple of people on his start. He was unpleasant to say the least, so I spoke up and informed him that he had gone through the pace car on my screen as well. I told me that he did no such thing and well became very smart. So I told him there was no need to be a smart ass because I saw it too. So he and another guy got into and before you know it he's calling the people F'in F*gs uncensored of course. So I just left. Anyhow take a look at the video and he does go through the back right 1/4 of the pace car.

  2. That guy got a good jump on the field. He does clip the pace car, despite that, the rest of the field was sleeping.
  3. Well I couldn't go anywhere due to my being behind the car that was behind him (#1 blue and tan). I know that about half the field went up against him on it over voice...lol... He got very rude, and crude once called out on it. It's funny how people think they can say or do whatever they wish hiding behind a monitor. If he acts that way in real life I wouldn't be surprised if his nose is sideways...
  4. I can't view the video right now but make sure you protest about his language as the sporting code covers conduct on and off the track
  5. By strict NASCAR rules, he jumped the start, as he hit the gas before the accelleration line that completely crosses the track in Turn 4 (have done zero iRacing ovals, so not sure what the 'house rules' are). As Kevin said, you can probably protest the language, if you have that recorded as well - not sure about protesting starts.
  6. OK I've watched the video now. I don't think what he did was protestable, he just got a jump on you guys and it looked like 2nd and 3rd place were sleeping which is bad luck for everyone behind them who can't overtake until the start finish. I'd be more upset they did not seem to be prepared for the start. If the winner was effing and blinding after the race then that is reportable 100% I have done it myself. If you didn't record that bit then iRacing may still have logs but contact them sooner rather than later.
  7. I use to do all of this (gaming) on surround sound, and luckly I'm on headphones now. My soon to be three year old would have a new vocabulary if I wasn't...lol I could see people getting so upset if these races were for real prizes or big money. However they aren't trying to support their family with the rookie races and I just dont get why people let something so silly stress them SOoooo much... Such as last night I was in the limerock mazda races, and more than half the field were pushing 59. laps times. A gent spun and of course I had no were to go so that was 4x. He was much slower than me after that and even though I had more speed and a clean passing chances. He was blocking at the cost of points, for 5th place...lol... He ended up hitting me an additional two more times so I ended up with -15 after the race, however I didn't say a word to him. Whats the point? I mean I had him once and was even with him and he just turned right into me on the straight to keep me back. Dealing with people like that is pointless, and if people would learn that going off of someone like that only makes you look worse than the person causing it most of the time.