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Is this good game without mods?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Equation, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. I am so late with driving games. I'm hear so many positive things about this game. Everybody says that this is best rally simulation ever. But question is that is this good game without mods? I think that I will buy this game to PS2 console so I cant get mods.

    I ask this because I think that Richard Burn Rally best part is that you can mod it and load better graphic etc.
  2. Its the 'feel' of this game through a FFB wheel that is great, that is why it is modded and refuses to die. It is so cheap that its is worth buying just to try.
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  3. The base game, without mods, is a very good Rally Sim, the best by far.
    It is very realistic, the driving feel is the most accurate of any Rally Sim, and the graphics and sounds are still good, even though it is an oldish game nowadays. The base game has a very good Rally School to teach you how to drive these Rally cars (it's certainly not an easy game for first timers), and has an excellent off-line set of Rallys and Career mode.

    With some of the recent mods (eg. RSRBR2014), it just becomes even better by adding lots of new cars, new stages, weather and track surface combinations, and the ability to multiplay if you wish.

    If you love Rallying, and have the patience to learn how to drive it, the base game is one of the best Racing Sims you can ever get.
  4. Thank for answering to both of you. I think I will buy this game to PS2. Maybe later when I am better I will buy this for PC but not now because my computer is laptop. Warren Dawes you got my point I want to learn rally. I am very patient and challenge is good.
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  5. uru


    I did exactly the same in 2008. I started with PS2 becoming a RBR "lover". Then moving to RSRBR and playing online. Still there and sometime still playing the original championship.