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Is this game worth it?

Discussion in 'RIDE 2' started by Jonix, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, I have bought several MotoGP games, as I am a huge fan.

    I have played RIDE too, but the AI ruined the experience.

    There is no demo for RIDE 2, so I was wondering what you guys honestly think of it
  2. ReZ


    So far i really like it... the carreer is a bit bland, compared to motogp - its more like gran turismo career - grind money , buy/tune your bike/gear etc.

    Bike selection is great , handling is fun..can't say much about the AI, but i like the fact that they don't bunch up like in VR46, where even motogp class behaves like 125ccm.
    btw. from spying the database of the game - i can predict a demo version incoming:D
  3. They are not going to provide a DEMO
    They use the same game base since MotoGP13 (14,15, RIDE 1, VRTG) most of them had a demo, there must be some game files left
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  5. Red Time

    Red Time
    mid-field punter!

    Hi Guys,
    Thought I would give this thread a bump. I presume since release there has been some patches to bring the game into satisfactory release. My first motoring passion was motorbikes so I have always kept an eye on bike game titles. My last foray being Milestone MotorGP 13. I'm sure Ride2 is a quantum leap on visuals, but has the "feel and behaviour" of the riding model improved. In car games AMS and RF2 have really upped the standard in this area to be a very enjoyable experience.

    But Ride2 on Youtube still looks very arcade like re collisions, off-track, leaning, etc.

    I have had a look at the GPBikes Demo and it seems to be heading in the right direction although I would not describe it as a mature Beta!

    Thx for your comments
  6. Amazing game, massively addictive, if your into bikes then its a no brainer and milestone get a lot of grief biut Ride 2 and SLRE are 2 fantastic games .
    The graphics in Ride 2 are awesome the bike models just a wet dream and the feel and presentation is of a high level. Loading screens not so bad this time round and as you can gawp at your bike during loading it flys by.

    Game of 2016 for me.
    Kunos need to look at how milestone structure the 'game' part and take notes...
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  7. ReZ


    maybe first Milestone should take a example from kunos how to interact with the people who actually bought their game and the rate of updates/bugfixes they deliver.

    the multiplayer mode is missing so many core features that could be simply added but milestone will not give a damn about improving anything.
  8. It is. It's very arcade and extremely un-realistic in the physics department.:thumbsdown:
    GP bikes is a more mature and realistic bike sim. Ride 1 and 2 are a major disappointment to me and I am a biker, both on road and track for 30 odd years. Even TT Superbikes on my PS3 is far better than any of the ride rubbish in my opinion.
  9. Hang on in the thread about AC you said why come onto threads and moan about a game you don't like? So why have you?
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