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Is this game worth it?

Discussion in 'RIDE 2' started by Jonix, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, I have bought several MotoGP games, as I am a huge fan.

    I have played RIDE too, but the AI ruined the experience.

    There is no demo for RIDE 2, so I was wondering what you guys honestly think of it
  2. ReZ


    So far i really like it... the carreer is a bit bland, compared to motogp - its more like gran turismo career - grind money , buy/tune your bike/gear etc.

    Bike selection is great , handling is fun..can't say much about the AI, but i like the fact that they don't bunch up like in VR46, where even motogp class behaves like 125ccm.
    btw. from spying the database of the game - i can predict a demo version incoming:D
  3. They are not going to provide a DEMO
    They use the same game base since MotoGP13 (14,15, RIDE 1, VRTG) most of them had a demo, there must be some game files left
  4. ReZ