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Is this down to the netcode? Lag? Physics bug?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Dyrgl, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Not long ago, in a event we had going on in our group, at least 3 participants claimed to be moved around by invisible forces. It wasn´t the classic invisible wall crash, but far more weird. Cars were moved around by a force in a given direction for a while.

    There is evidence from 2 of the incidents and this is how they look:

    It is a recurrent problem at online races (got it like 4 times since release, and I haven´t really gone much online), and I can´t see it in the list of problems being worked at in SMS list. What is this about?
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  2. This is the second footage of the same kind of incident, couldn´t paste it in OP. Watch at 6:00.

  3. I'd stay away from Donnington for a while ~ something/someone is out to get ya :devilish:
    Take some sandwiches next time you race there 'cos they may not yet have a McDonalds on the next planet.
  4. LOL good one. Bad thing is that it´s not a track specific problem. I guess that playing PCARS you´re always at danger of ending up surrounded of 9 feet tall green men eager to experiment with you. Fingers crossed.
  5. A couple days ago, racing on the Le Mans 24h track, the guy in front of me was suddenly ejected from the track on the Mulsanne straight. Like if his car was kicked from the left.
    Myself experienced an issue with the 1st turn at spa where it seemed like there was an invisible wall at the apex, it was very handy indeed. So far the wall didn't come back.
    Definitely weird things are happening on the tracks on pCars... :alien:
  6. Tommi Saari

    Tommi Saari
    Moving chicane Premium Member

    The best I've seen is a lotus 98T driver hanging mid air in Imola at variante alta. Creepy ****.
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  7. This is known and will get fixed

    Small postedit: Also the midair hanging Pitcrew at that spot should get fixed
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  8. The "will be fixed" thing is hard to believe these days. Game has been out for a while, patches have come out, and the most critical problems haven´t been touched. Pitcrew job is still reset all the time, making races with pitstops impossible to do reliably. Drivers can still jump the start without a penalty a lof of times, making races with a standing start pointless. You can´t trsut the game to do even basic stuff.

    Even those problems that put your hardware at danger are still in! fingers crossed my wheel doesn´t get damaged in one of these crazy moments the game forces it to turn full power in a menu and it hits the lock at crazy speed.
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  9. Yes I agree. The old "it will be fixed" is getting a bit over used now. If you go on their customer PCars forum, it seems that the investors have been briefed to say those words to any one who asks or complains about a broken feature of the game. I think they are more interested in DLC than fixes at this present time, but that is only my opinion. ;)
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  10. I am a big supporter of this sim. I have disagreed many times with some of the negative things said about the games state upon release. I still think it could be one of the most enjoyable sims I own BUT...

    I am also tired of the issues that have not been resolved. MP in particular. Seeing people floating around and cars crashing/flipping when being set on the grid is ridiculous at this point. It seems like any time hosts set up lobbies with a grid larger than 24 drivers things start to break down. I also believe that people are joining in MP who have awful internet connections. It's very frustrating.

    I never run SP races. I prefer to take my chances in the MP lobbies. Fortunately I have met some clean drivers and usually jump in with a group that races in a fair manner.

    Now that I have the FFB in R3E set up nicely I will be taking a bit of a break from pCars.
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  11. Yep. There is no doubt we are all beta testing this software for them. :cautious:
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  12. Actual Workaround:
    Use Dedicated Server
    We had the same problem in a league race - we were 27 players and P2P was causing infinite loading - then switched over to Dedicated Server and suddenly all was working perfect - no lagg no disconnects no problems
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  13. How do I do that? Not familiar with the dedi server routines.
  14. You can download it through the steam tools. It has a pdf file for instructions on how to set it up. But you will need a dedicated server to take advantage of the performance gains. NFO rent VDS dedicated servers which are not bad.
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  15. I'd just like to join this league if the race schedule fits my schedule.