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Is there any way to use 5-spoke rims on the V8FU cars?

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by SirDunny, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. SirDunny


    Sorry if this has already been asked and/or answered, couldn't find anything helpful in the search. Thanks in advance.
  2. ea_silver_ghia


    Yes, you can. If you can't select them in the Upgrades section for the car, then in the GameData/Vehicles/ORSM directory look for the ***upgrades.ini file for the particular car and there should be a section on Wheels. The Upgrade.ini files in the Community Content folder have all the wheel options included so you can copy and paste the section on the 5 spoke wheels into the Upgrades file for the car you need them for.
  3. still_bacon


    Just look at the community content cars. they allow all the rims.. If you build your own car with that as the basis, the change to get into game on a specific season is as simple as adding that seasons reference into the VEH file for your car. Don't mess with the upgrades.. It will only cause you pain in the long run.

    If it is for an online championship, you should build it off the Community Content files as this is what it was designed for.