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Is there any way to make custom championships yet?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Greg Latty, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Any one know if theres a way to make custom championships with mod cars and tracks yet? I know there was one floating around here but it didnt work with custom tracks. I would love to be able to make custom championships like in Assetto Corsas Career mode. I have so many mods but no use for them besides hotlapping or race weekends.
  2. Nox

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  3. You can always make your own .rfm file.
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  4. Edit your rfm (RFM Folder) of choice (E.g, V8, Formula Classic etc) with notepad++, and just copy/paste the track name in the order you want under the ''Scene Order'' section in the rfm files. Get the track names from .gdb files for the track(s) you want first. Hope that helps a bit.
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  5. Cool I'll try that. The only thing with the rfm is it doesn't work with the custom U.I. So maybe I'll do a separate install for just championships
  6. Sorry I don't follow you, regarding the rfm and custom u.i you have? Editing the rfm is internal.

    Just for anyone else reading, each rfm, for example 'Reiza01' is for the Stock V8, 'Reiza07' for the Formula Reiza etc - they are in order of how they appear in the game menu to select the car class. In those rfm's, copy/pasting the track name from the VERY TOP LINE of the .gdb (in locations/<track name>/track/.gdb) into the rfm where the tracks are listed (Scene Order) will mean the game will load that track in the corresponding order, so very good for custom championships. ('Notepad ++' not normal notepad). You can change the tracks at anytime, just restart the game, or exit to main menu/reload; if you removed one, or opted for a different track choice for example, it will just load it as if nothing changed. I use to use Championship maker, but once you select the track, its set in stone and can't be changed. I wish Reiza would tell people this as choosing your own championship is vital to immersion and tailoring.
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