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Is there any chance for any final updates for netkar pro now asseto corsa is under development ?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by justasimfan, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Hi there! As i often posted here ,i always though that netkar has huge potential if only a few things were added like a few normal cars alongside some nice scratch build tracks/roads (like the hillclimb) instead of mostly conversions.Also a slight graphical overhaul could rejuvenate netkar pro for a good amount of time until the new kuno's game is ready.From what we have seen it looks incredible and if only this time stefano adds a dozen normal cars alongside the open wheelers and a few more interesting tracks/roads(like the hillclimb ) and smooth races with a larger grid of at least 16 car,Asseto Corsa would be a killer game.But does this means netkar pro is basically finished or will there be a final patch adding all those things we always hoped to keep us until the launch of the new game ?
  2. Methinks 1.3 final is final. What else were you hoping for?
    'Graphics overhaul' doesn't sound like something that's done regularly. It doesn't seem very realistic to expect it, but I might be wrong.

    Agreed on the cars though, a couple more regulars would be great fun. But we did get 4 new cars in one year, and rain as well, so it's not all bad.

    rFactor mod teams have more staff :D
  3. This topic takes up a point I've already mentioned in the AC announcement thread and I'm really wondering as well if there's ever gonna be a 'final' update for the last few things missing.

    I myself would highly appreciate a small fix: Sky depth for Nvidia 3D vision. In it's current state it is somewhat a dealbreaker for me since I've discovered sim-racing in 3D
    Wouldn't expect this to be a big change so my hopes are still up, but who knows?

    @justasimfan: I'm wondering as well what other 'things' you had in mind when posting this thread? Content wise I'm happy and apart from the 3D glitch I'm a happy camper :)
  4. As much as I love netkar, I think it's time for Kunos to move on. I'd like to see him spending his time on AC now and let the community do what they want or can with netkar.
  5. Well i know Stefano is very hard working on his new game.Yet no matter how much he works it is a game we probably not see a playable beta for a good amount of time and a beta with working mp won't be finished until late 2012 or even early 2013.Sure working on netkar will push back AC development a little bit but i am not talking about anything that is too time consuming.A few more cars,3 more tracks and some cleaning,polishing of the online code is not something that would take too much in my opinion,Especially considering those improvements have always been done in FVA....In FVA if you remember there were 3 very accurately laser scanned tracks as well as better cockpits with actual driver/hand animations....And in return netkar will be given some new life instead of a steady decline as it is doing all this time.That's my opinion ,i just do not want to see another paper thin limited simulator be released just for the shake of being released.As it is i am all too afraid that AC will be released sooner then we think and it will be for one more time limited to a couple of open wheelers and a few gt/small cars.For example take FVA,through what there was was absolutely astonishing,it was extremely limited and there was no expansion on that content whatsoever.It was cheaper then normal games of course but still people hoped as glorious as the f10 was that there were more cars and more tracks.I can only imagine the possibilities that game had.There could have been older f1 cars (as it was a ferrari game) and more tracks to test them.Add some cool damage effects(as you raced alone you could have massive damage effects without frame rate reduction) and some head to head online gameplay that game could have been something.But sadly all there was to it was 3 tracks and one car hotlaps....And even more sadly none of those improvements,like the driver/hand cockpit animations,tracks and that beautifull f1 car made it to netkar....

    I just hope ,Stefano remembers his fans and either gives them a present for all those years of support or at least in his new game he provides a good amount of content!
  6. The only thing I could see in the future for nkPro would be the polishing of the existing code, I wouldn't have high hopes for content additions. Unless you count mods being added further down the road, that's something I'd appreciate anyway.
    That being said, I expect Assetto Corsa to be exactly what you are looking for: things learned from FVA will be integrated into AC (fingers crossed) while featuring a bigger variation of cars and tracks (with all the licensing and laser scanning) plus modding being fully supported.

    FVA was a product that Kunos developed for Ferrari and not as a stand-alone Kunos product from what I understood. It is great and I think it was an ideal playground for Kunos to try out new features/improvements to integrate in AC :)
  7. Did you see the presentation video? I think you are being too much negative on this ... think positive ... it will be the best sim ever made:) with a lot of cars and tracks
  8. I hope too Jorge,i really hope too.I just hope stefano does not repeat once more the same mistakes he did with netkar pro,with paper thin content and the absence of normal cars alongside the open wheelers.
  9. I'll take quality over quantity any day;)

    I believe AC is going to be modder friendly so the community will be able to do add on cars.
  10. there is a update in beta testing available to all
    many are stating it is a good improvement
  11. Can we have details of what sort of improvements are in the beta?
  12. By what is in the Radiators forum, this new version includes:
    - in a server configured with 2 consecutive race sessions, the server is not moving automatically to the second race session [FIXED]
    - disabled automatic go to grid. This will avoid having cars on the grid when the driver is not in front of his pc
    - improvements on the sound engine (backfire).

    But seems be changes in car physics too!

    It's better to create a backup of your current nks.exe and nkserver.exe.
  13. This is a good one :D
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  14. Its nice hearing of those updates ...but still they are nothing major that can bring back people playing netkar...I know i often repeat myself...and as much as i love this game i did not even buy it..as there was nothing i wanted to race with.And that's the case with most people out there.Stefano did a lot of neat things alongside netkar like Fva for example but never used any of the updates on netkar.I am all excited like everybody else about Asseto corsa make no mistake-but at the same time i am also all too cautious not to get over-excited.Even at it's current state netkar feels fantastic and is a thrill to play.But there is nothing to race...If you remember netkar namie that game had normal cars alongside open wheelers.Radiator springs did some fantastic conversions of some great tracks but making a car is more than simple modeling and thats why netkar needed so much a few normal cars...

    Stefano if you still read these forums please,for the love of god add a nice selection of normal cars in asseto corsa(Not GTR cars or le mans cars but normal everyday sport cars like silvias,m3's,mr2's,supra's,rx7's and rx8's,mx5's,s2000's,type r civic's and integra's,gti's golf's,skyline's,tt's,r8's,350/370z,celica's,evo's,wrx's etc.....).