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Is there an optimal steering lock number

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by KODIAK, Sep 25, 2016.


    VASC 2017 is a go! Premium

    Is there an optimal steering lock or is it just a personal thing, how do I know if i'm using too much or too little?
  2. William Wester

    William Wester

    Just let the game set the lock for you.

    VASC 2017 is a go! Premium

    is it ok to do the same with steering degrees
  4. Steering ratio for every car is set to be adjustable in the set up menu within a normal range for that type of car. You'll notice that for open wheelers its usually at 360' by default and for GT cars its higher. Some cars will be all the way out to 900'.

    Usually my only adjustment will be to increase or decrease the steering lock and leave the degrees of rotation alone, but rarely do I bother. Some cars I might prefer a slightly faster wheel so one or two clicks of lock is easy to add.
  5. fortyfivekev


    It's personal taste really. I adjust it quite a bit just because I prefer from habit to only make small movements of the wheel. So I usually reduce the rotation as much as is allowed.

    VASC 2017 is a go! Premium

    its me, i'm not turning the wheel enough.
  7. In open wheelers I usually start with a steering lock that is just enough to get around the tightest corner at full lock. If after a few laps I feel that the steering is too lazy I'll tighten it up. In the end though, it really is just personal preference as long as you have enough lock to navigate the track and the pits.
  8. Richie Speed

    Richie Speed

    Forgive me as I'm new to Automobilista...

    In iracing I simply leave my lock in the Logitech profiler at 900 and the sim does the rest. I remember from days past in ISI sims, I had to change the lock manually in the profiler when using different cars.

    I found this same problem in Automobilista, I went from a road car to a kart and of course, it took me many turns of my 900 degree wheel to get any kind of lock in the kart. Is there just a button in sim I am missing to enable the sim to change it for me?

  9. What Logitech wheel are you using? The G920 and G29 are possibly going to be fixed in the upcoming patch. If you are using a different Logitech wheel let me know and I can link to some posts that might help. I have a G920 so for now I just alt+tab out of the game and set the correct degrees of rotation in the profiler.
  10. KODIAK

    VASC 2017 is a go! Premium

    with the new update, each car has it own set rotation. I just use that a try to apply more steering