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Is there a reason some tracks work and others don't?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by bsmooth, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. First of all, I'm having a blast with this sim, lots of fun. I've installed maybe 10-15 tracks and its easy, just drop the unzipped track into locations and it works right away.
    That is except for a few like Bathurst and Autopolis. I unzipped them and did the same as the others tracks, yet for some reason they don't work.
    The loading bar goes for a little bit then just stops. At that point the game freezes and I have to shut the program off.
    I really want to see Bathurst, especially after I heard its such a great reproduction of the track.
    So whats different about these tracks that the usual procedure doesn't work?
  2. there is no difference, try deleting and redownloading, maybe your download was corrupted
    another problem could be, that you copied the wrong folder into the locations directory, it should be
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  3. Tried that already and with same results, here is what the unzipped files look like: Bathurst unzipped 1.jpg Bathurst Unzipped 2.jpg
  4. Gringo



  5. you need to copy a folder called just "bathurst" in the locations folder, that folder has to contain the data that are in your first screenshot, it seems you copied one level too deep from the unzipped files
  6. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    i had some problem similar with some BTCC tracks. Couldnt fix them
  7. probably the same problem with a wrong folder structure
  8. They have to sit in a folder @BTCC2011 i.e. GameData\Locations\BTCC2011\track folders

    Unless you already have that?
  9. No I don't have that yet, I'll put it in and see If it works. I didn't anything when I downloaded about that, sorry maybe just missed it.
    I wonder If that Autopolis track has that same issue, because it quits loading at the same exact spot.
  10. When blocked, do ctrl + alt + del to see the error plz
  11. OK first error is
    Gmotor2 Error
    Error loading texture GRASS_S for material GRASSCLIFF
    Second error
    Error loading Global material GRASSCLIFF
  12. hmmm. Texture missing. The uqetin is: why do you mis that and not other poeple...
  13. Gringo


    Unless a track SCN is configured to search for these specific MAS files, then they will not be used.

    They can't help in the Bathurst case here.

    @bsmooth Are you 100% sure that you have the correct path, your symptoms point to this conclusion. You must copy all the files and folder structure exactly as found in the ZIP / RAR to your locations folder. Anything else will end in error.
  14. Has anyone got a shot of the folder on there PC? I put what the folders look like above. There screenshots of what the files look like.
  15. Gringo



    Untitled1.png Untitled2.png

    PS... Do you think you might have copies of the problem tracks hidden away in other track folders? Make sure you have only one instance of a track installed or strange things happen. One other long shot might be HAT files... look in your LOG\HAT folder and delete any .HAT files you find.
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  16. Does it make any difference If I have Steam or not? The files should be the same anyways I would assume. This is the first time I've downloaded the track, so there shouldn't be any files already there.Also noticed the BathurstGMT and Bathurstmap files don't have .mas extensions on them.
    Now I'm using winzip to extract these ad then copying them and placing them in the location folder for Stock Car Extreme. Maybe some setting in Winzip could be incorrect ?
    Does everyone use Winzip, or is there something better to unzip files ?
  17. Gringo


    Thats right.


    Maybe you accidentally copied some files / folders and didn't notice. Search the locations folder for Bathurst for example and ensure no stray folders / files

    Try http://www.7-zip.org/
  18. Checked this morning and what I have is exactly what I have in the print screens in the beginning of the thread. I tried a few times over the weekend and have the same issue.
    I could try unzipping straight into my Stock car Extreme folder, but I like to know where things aree going which is why I've been dropping them into the location folders myself.
    I just don't understand since most other track worked fine using the same methods.
    Although I noticed LemasDuClos has some strange looking foliage, and then last night it wouldn't load either.
  19. I'm also going to try and older version of LeMasDuClos and see If that works, vs the newer one. Also I'm wondering If having a newer version of the game wouldn't make a difference too. I think I'm using 1.21 which I downloaded in July, so would that make a difference ?