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Is the lobby down?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by David McCradic, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. tons of servers used to show up in the multiplayer lobby, but not anymore. am i doing something wrong?
  2. theres a few people with this problem since a steam update.

    i'm also getting a client missing track error at nords and nurburgring
  3. Yeah getting the same thing. Its kinda hit and miss though. Was able to run some practice for ATCC and the FPWS but then trying to get back on and the server list were blank.
  4. they actually came up after 10 minutes or so.

    i join a server that said curbita with 23 players on it. When i got in it was valencia with 2 players.
  5. ok... so I am not the only one...
  6. It is soooo lame!!! and annoying!!! I mean come on Simbin!!!!
  7. don't be hating simbin, their updates are few and usually fix bugs with the game

    seriously this is more steam borking again, why the feck it needs to update every other day is beyond me. simbin should just fire stupid steam and get on with their own thing (RTR doesn't use stupid steam so why should race)

  8. Nothing to do with steam IMO. I dont think steam is providing the in game lobbies for all their games. Once u enter the game you are out of steam and in the Simbin World.
  9. that's a fair opinion Eric, but Race is still at and has not been updated... steam however has a track record of messing up first and asking questions later... imho

  10. Again, Race is not the issue, but the lobby server running somewhere in the lala land is. If Simbin's lobby is down you will not see the list of all the games. Simple as that. I have written and designed enough code in my life to have a pretty decent idea on how it works.
  11. agreed, race is not the issue. the master server list or some other feature has been corrupted by steam.

    eg. steam updated last week to support directx 11 (which no one i know has yet but they did it anyway) to support the useless in-game popup and broke XD which everyone I know uses. steam is evil
  12. U clearly dont get it. When steam "breaks" any of the RTT is because a new binary of the game is released (most likely BY Simbin). Since ALL RTT applications are reading the memory layout of the game to retrieve all the info as soon as a new re-complied binary is released it will "break" ALL RTT apps. It has nothing to do with Steam being evil. lol... It is just the nature of the "hacked" RTT code.
  13. thanks for the fast reply's.. i appreciate the dialog.. but while we're chatting we're not racing lol

    researching RTT .. roof top tenting, round trip time (?)

    bottom line i paid for a game, it's not hacked. i don't want a third party ap (steam) telling me what i can do with the game i bought. i'll bet you dollars to dohnuts if steam didn't update race would not be broken.
  14. RTT=Real Time Telemetry (XD, MotecDX, RTT, etc...) all work the same way.

    I will take your money. Trust me I am pissed off more than anyone else. We were practicing for our league race this weekend and we cant even get online now!! I am fuming....

  15. ahh, real time telemetry.. i'm schooled

    i just disabled XD and still get no online. yes i'm trying to practice for my league race next saturday and no one is happy about it.

    i hope this issue is resolved soon, thanks again for taking the time to bring me up to speed..

  16. OK, it's not just me then.....whew. It's the first time the server list didn't come up in RaceOn, so i imagine it some sort of 'update' fiasco.

    I hope it's fixed soon.
  17. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    To enlighten a few :

    The lobby is not host at Simbin inhouse but somewhere on the internet on a dedicated server hosted by an internet provider.
    I know for the v-wtcc the servers for the rankings were hosted by i3D, maybe the current lobby server also.

    Seeing our troubles 2 days ago it could be as simple as that. Hope it gets solved soon.
  18. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    We have informed SimBin about the situation. Lets hope it is resolved soon.
  19. looks like its fixed, working ok here
  20. Indeed, all seems to be well again.

    Thanks for the verification.