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is the delay caused by consoles?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by yellowpinkie, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. ... Do you think, specifically xbox1? There's loads of Pc and ps4 footage online but no xbox, was wondering whether that's an indication that they're having problems on that format.

    If that is the case why would they hold back the game on all the other platforms?
  2. I think it may be part of the problem.
  3. If you're going by pure conjecture and speculation, sure, why not. :whistling:
  4. The fact of the matter is.. none of us know the real reason. SMS are under very strict NDA from both Microsoft and Sony (it's something all developers who target consoles have to deal with).

    I'm more frustrated that none of this was possible to predict earlier and just shift the damn game a whole year, like Driveclub did, back in 2014 when the first real delay happened.. just to be on the "safe" side. Now there is potential for these tiny "2 weeks 1 month" delays happening frequently and really gnawing at the patience of everybody. Oh well.. we'll see what happens. It'll be out when it'll be out.

    .. and it's easy for me to not be too disheartened as I have the luxury of playing pCars at any time I want. I thank myself for being smart at least once in my life.. for investing early into the project!:)
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  5. Me too!:)
  6. Are they saying nothing on the wmd forums to investors about the cause of the delay then?
  7. Other than the bugs and polishing us WMD members are aware of already. They've not made any internal announcement for the exact reason. Truth be told, I don't think it's a single issue holding the release back. I can't go into specifics but it's more like multiple compounded issue's. It adds up enough to affect overall completeness and quality of what we want released.
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  8. They've said very specifically and clearly: "We can't tell you the reasons. Strict NDA. Even saying this is borderline breaking of the NDA."
  9. NDA to me means the are trying to finalize deals on content licensing. Who knows, maybe that EA stranglehold on the Porsche license is over and they are maneuvering to grab it. Maybe not. Im just guessing that they may have gotten the opportunity to get some content and are scurrying to get it in.