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Is the crowd in favor of console versions of GTR3?

Discussion in 'GTR 3' started by zombieshark6666, May 29, 2011.

  1. I'm playing Race Pro at the moment and I'm hoping for more Simbin on the 360. I can tell it was just a quick port just to see if there was interest, but I think it's obvious that people were put off by how dated it was, not by the content or gameplay. After all the disappointment of the console racers recently (Shift, GT5, Forza, Grid), I'm sure the Simbin style would be well received if it looked decent and cleaner than RP. Even the controller works really well, it's precise and responsive.

    Would the long-time Simbin fans be worried if the game was announced for PS3 and Xbox 360? Many other genres seem to "suffer" from cross-platform jumps, or at least the fans are quick to cry.

    First comment about "dumbing down" gets the firing squad. :)
  2. give me the firing squad then:wink:

    I would be against it for that reason
    a lot of games suffered the dumbing down effect
    and this game just can't risk that
    or it will loose a lot of its fanbase

    but these are just my thougts...
  3. Give me a gun and I'll shoot myself :wink:

    The PS3 and 360 are TOYS, there will never be a true Sim on either of these, it is a completely different market\fan base IMO. I don't mind if they release on console but it must be developed PRIMARILY for PC and then dumbed down for people that want to play on their TOYS with all the Sim elements removed\disabled.

    Too many games these days are developed\ported the other way and are garbage when they reach the PC with no mouse or true wheel support, having to press symbols instead of using keys on the keyboard, crap physics and realism, limited saving in some cases, very limted in-game chat due to using a crappy gamepad instead of a keyboard etc

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  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Don't think Simbin will make the same mistake twice and just concentrate on the development of the PC game.
  5. Was the physics model in Race Pro a lesser version of RACE? I know it's quite different from GTR 2, but I don't know about RACE.
  6. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    I truly hope Simbin will make GTR3 PC dedicated so it uses the nowadays PC capabilities and pure simulator realism. After they have released the PC version they can dumb down the game to a arcade console version were even grandma can sit on the couch and drive a lap with a hand-held controller.
  7. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    I think RacePro proved that simbin can make a sim for a console, maybe 3 years to early for the market. The game worked well with a controller and a wheel, and you had the driving aides for the beginers. Could GTR3 be the first true full sim to go on a console, somebody has to be first.

    Reasons for my thinking,Wrc2010 (looked like a sim) F1 2010(console users want more of a sim) GT5 (same comments) shift2 (looks like a sim) Dirt 3 (getting close). All in all thes games the devs talk about dumbing down the end product for mass market. But it looks like the mass market now wants more of a sim:doublethumb:

    So to all devs who see this, leave us with that option of self humiliation
  8. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    I have also followed the forums of games you are talking about and yes, you are right. There are a lot of people claiming more simulation in the race games. But i cant agree that the majority of the market wants more difficulty when it comes to racing. I dont want to start the endless discussion about what a sim is but im almost certain that a sim has to be driven with a steering wheel. People will disagree with me cause they race their whole life with a controller and they are damn good at it. Anyways...
    The point im making is that im afraid of the console market. That's the place where the money is for developers and in the last two years i have bought too many console to PC ports and those games sucked bigtime (personal opinion). So that's why im a bit harsh towards the idea of Simbin and console combination. Otherwise ofcourse i hope simbin will satisfy you and many others ;)
  9. Nay. SimBin made a mistake on Race Pro for the 360 and they shouldn't do it again for the console market. This explains that I start to diss console players. They are simply a bunch of kids yelling on their microphone. I own the 360 and the PS3 too, but they have limitations to the racing games' AI. Take Forza and Gran Turismo for example, they don't have difficulty settings you can find on the PC Racing Simulation games. The more the memory, the better the AI and this is why I like racing games on the PC more than on the console.
  10. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Whether it was a mistake or not Simbin proved it could be done. Lets face it. There alot more money in the consoles, and money rules, even you and me.

    like it or not we need the console. Ive recently got a gtx460 and the only games i can play in dirX11 are console port overs,...What was the latest race game out only on pc that i can play in dirX11 ( i know its about the handling not how cool the cars look )

    How powerful will the new xbox be, maybe the same as the average pc gamers rig.... We might not like it but these thing happen...Maybe this way SimBin will be around for a lot longer.
    Whether or not it goes to console is a small issue,(let the devs dumd it down for consoles)whats important is, full sim, and it must be set up ok for league racing..

    And finaly not wanting to be to cynical,:confused: what are we actually expecting from the lizard engine. we know nothing and SimBin are saying nothing..It must be a very big secret there keeping
  11. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    RACE Pro had exactly the same physics as in RACE 07. Setup values on the differential was locked for some cars (WTCC BMW) but for the rest I didn't spot any difference to be honest.
  12. The next PS & Xbox may be quite powerful on release but 2 years down the line it will still be the same piece of kit as it was when released, churning out exactly the same games as when released, no new effects, no new graphics etc, in the same time frame a PC will have doubled or quadrupled in performance and games will have moved on too. The only thing in my kit that is as old as a PS3 are my speakers.

    I still find it amazing that people will pay more for console games when they're actually getting less for their money, SUCKER springs to mind but it also explains why all the games companies embrace that market.
  13. I think the trend is people buy a laptop for non gaming and a console for games......and to some degree, some people are silly enough to try and play PC games on their laptop, which would explain why Bioshock2/FOVegas/F1 2010 and presumably others went backwards on GFX and phyx.
  14. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    Lets assume that you are right David, then i don't understand why game developers still ignore cloud gaming solutions such as OnLive where you can stream the coolest games directly to an ancient laptop and it works fine :) (no fancy gfx cards, and tons of RAM needed)
  15. Good point, I see no end of people in PCW and elsewhere buying laptops thinking they have a bargain for £200-£300 and then they get home and realise it will barely run Windows let alone a game.

    The one and only thing I do like about Consoles is that they just work, you buy a game and you know it will work when you get it home.
  16. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    I had a dream last night that GTR3 came out with GFWL with cross platform gameing, But on the plus side they had done everything right for league racing (even down to being able to set the steering device, only wheels or mixed etc..pc only, xbox only.)

    No more late night cheese snacks for me.....
  17. Because "we" overate the average person/gamers knowledge and willingness to embrace change.
    I have a buddy who worked with web design and built his own PC's, but really knew next to nothing about a whole range of things related to the PC/gaming world.

    Given enough time, one would hope that GFX and phxs will advance to a point where there's nothing left to focus on but the story and overall quality of the games.....well, at least we can hope, lol.
  18. As I said, many people are downright oblivious and refuse to pay the proper amount for a decent piece of tech.
    I don't know where it comes from, but they pop a dollar amount into their head and won't budge, ie, it's $300 or nothing.......trouble is, laptops and cheap PC's are already compromised by the cheapest and slowest parts, plus when you factor in a laptops additional slowness, you really get a frustrating piece of junk.

    I remember over hearing my brother and one of his PC mates talking/laughing about the way people buy PC's back in 1994 when these things were anywhere from 5-10k, and after that, I always made sure that my PC's had 3 factors....


    Most people fail with point1, and suffer the wrath of points 2 and 3....

    Every cent spent on a underperforming PC is a waste of money.
  19. thanks
    Then I don't understand what the problem is. Race Pro feels pretty good to me with a controller. I just hope all the elitism doesn't hurt Simbin if they choose to release for consoles from now on.
  20. There are a large number of console racers that just cannot afford, or justify buying an expensive PC rig to run large amounts of mods and the latest sims. And while I would agree that PC sims are far better, I just don't have the equipment to do it.

    Us console racers have really been suffering for years with all the disappointments from Turn 10, EA and Codemasters. Race Pro is definitely the best thing we have. I'd love to see a ''GTR3'' on the console. Some of the comments towards the start of the thread are very, very ignorant indeed.

    A sim, marketed in the right way, with good physics, good visuals (framerate comes first) and good licensed content would make cash on the console.

    A BTCC licensed game on the console would make a lot of money here in the UK and parts of Europe. An Aussie V8 license would bring in plenty of cash from Australia and New Zealand. Le Mans' growing popularity could be made advantage of. Why not tap into series like Indycar, which are desperate to get back on the racing map?