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Is the AI too hard or too easy??

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Just wanting to see what people think of the AI in the game.

    The game has been put long enough now for people to be pretty far in their career modes and i am wondering what difficulty people are currently playing on and how hard they feel it is.

    I myself was playing on Pro with TCS off ABS off and tyre sim, on fuel sim, on full damage, auto gear change and i found it to be not much of a challenge at all.

    So i started a custom GP with the following aids and on legend difficulty and it is so much better i was playing in the virgin as i am considering starting again and i want more of a challenge and i have to say legend is just that.

    So basically what is everyone else playing on and how are you all coping with it.

    Cheers :)
  2. James Chant

    James Chant

    I will probably start again after I have won my 3rd title (all about the achievements at the mo) for the same reasons, finding it a little easy now I am used to the physics
  3. The ai is easy so i use the damage multiplier mod and agressive ai mods for pc. Use it, i bet it will be difficult on intermediate level too
  4. i would love to but i play on xbox and cant get mods :(
  5. Depends, if you're playing with a gamepad, probably a little too hard, if you're playing with a wheel and have time to practice, probably a little too easy, but then you look at tracks like catalunya where the AI are extremely fast.

    I think on legend the AI should be a little faster on most tracks, but catalunya is fine as it is. Though if they make it harder they need to make the goals for the weekend easier, as i remember my first year how ambitious lotus were, and Force india in my 2nd year were also on the ambitious side expecting podiums, not a problem with current difficulty level if you're using a wheel.
  6. yeah catalunya the AI are really fast even on pro with a good car i was with Ferrari in Catalunya and the Williams cars and Force India were whooping me on corners and the straights now thats surely not right defo not on the straights as i know Ferrari are a very quick car on the straights
  7. Glad i read this as i was starting to get paranoid with my own driving abilities
  8. I'm on ps3 using a controller and got most aids on as can't get use to the wheels spinning me out or locking up. I have my AI on legend (since half way through the first season) and I must admit I was expecting more of a challenge. Maybe when I get myself a wheel I will practice more with the aids off and see if it's any more of a challenge
  9. yea currently i am on ps3, i have it on intermediate and i have tcs medium and abs off and manual gears. I was using tcs full but i am starting to back off on it so i could go a little stronger on the ai because currently its to easy.
  10. I find it far too easy with tire and fuel sim on, 200% damage multi, AI start with fuel and brake later, and medium TCS with the rest of everything off. I play 100%, and can win in a capable car by multitudes of seconds, occaisionally a lap, and I can win competitively in a less capable car, and place in the points regularly. Even at Spain, except they are much faster at spain.
  11. far to easy all the way through im afraid, LEGENDS i think not!!!
  12. Restarted career with Virgin, Legend, auto gears with all assists off except medium Traction Control, find if I seriously play around in Practice with car set-ups I can Qualify in top 10 but have to drive like Ayrton Senna in the races to get a good finish so I think the AI is pretty good in races the races. Let's face it I'm driving a Virgin so I should be bloody struggling.
  13. Being new to gaming with a wheel and pedals I am finding it as hard as it should be, at least I think. I am in my first season at Virgin (All aids but, braking assist, don't laugh!) and I am coming in around 20th most qualifying sessions and races, which is a true reflection of the car I feel, I am slowly getting better, seriously need to tone down my aggression though.

    But to answer the question, I think the game is only too easy or too hard depending on your ability on the game.
  14. I play with all aids off, legends, tyres sim off, fuel off, damage off (I don't find punctures fun).

    AI is too easy like that (except Catalunya and Monaco). I am winning the championship in Lotus...

    But in Lotus with tyres sim on or fuel on it is too hard and no more fun...

    I will use tyres sim on and fuel on when driving a faster car.
  15. i play with all aids off also tyre, fuel and damage on and on legendary and i do have difficulty, ive only won at melbourne in my second season.
    but im always in the top 5 or so. oh and im playing with a wheel.
  16. Turn off fuel sim, tyre sim on, you should do well if you drive well, though don't expect to be able to win with scruffy driving, as you can do with tyre sim off.