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Is the AI quite slow at China? (Pro diff, Xbox)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Jack Acid, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Started career mode on Pro and just qualified 2nd in the Toro Rosso at China. Conditions were MOSTLY dry, a few light showers but at no time did I put on Intermediates. The track seemed to stay dry throughout qually.

    Anyway, this starting pos. seems way too high for Pro AI, especially the 3rd race of the season. I had just completed my first updrade challenge (not installed), so AFAIK, the car was the same as the season start.

    It should also be mentioned I am 50/50 to even make Q3 most of the time on Pro, so this makes it seem odd.

    Anyway, I know in versions past, the AI could have "slow tracks", so wondering if anyone has noticed this at China.

  2. Er, yeah the AI on any difficulty other than legend is a piece of piss. It's a four second a lap difference between Legend and Pro at most tracks. The single player game is so unbalanced it's a joke.
  3. China, Bahrain, and Catalunya all have slow AI
  4. Haven't gotten there yet, but in last game Canada was a really, really bad track for the AI and Monaco was even worse. How is it now?
  5. I'm doing a career in the HRT and was 4th in the China practice session on Pro AI. I quickly turned it to Legend and am now around 18-19th in most sessions. It sucks but it's more realistic.
  6. The ai in China is slow in sector 1 and a little fast in sector 3 for my playing in legend mode but it was a good race enjoyed it much.
  7. I find that they are slow in sector 1 as well. Somebody of my ability in a Toro Rosso shouldn't be able to be 2-3 tenths quicker in the first sector alone than anybody else on Legend AI.
  8. I am not worried about a handful of slow tracks, can always up the AI for certain tracks once I learn them.

    Thanks mates!
  9. Hi all

    I'm having a pretty crappy time in Q1 on this track (career mode, Force India, Pro difficulty).

    I did fine in practice and passed the R&D challenge no probs however in Q1 it's starting with light rain on a dry track and I'm struggling to get into Q2. I've tried a wet set up but dry tyres with the intention of switching to inters/wets later knowing that it's going to continue raining and I have trouble staying on the track. I've also tried on inters but the AI are way faster than me as they're all on primes/options........

    Is this a bug or does anyone have any advice? Anyone experienced the same thing?

  10. I did pole with toro rosso with Ai pro. Like Ishan said Ai is slow in S1