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Is steam needed to play F1 2012?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by wizzard, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys

    I am new to this game and steam so please bear with me. If i buy the box version of F1 2012 do i still need to go through steam to run it? Is steam the only way to activate the game? The reason i ask is because i have never installed steam and i am not sure i want to. Any info on this?
  2. Yes steam is required to run/install/play this game. All you do is put the disc in and just follow the prompts on screen and steam will take care of the rest. Fairly simple and easy to do. Steam is great to have on a game because it helps keep it up to date with the latest patch updates. Is there anything else you would like to know? :)
  3. Hi DesertFox28
    Thanks for the reply. I have been shying away from using steam because i didnt want to install any unnecessary software inside my PC. If i need it, what are the advantages of owning the box version compared to just buying the CD key from steam and downloading it? Do i need the box version? Thanks for taking the time to answer my noob questions.
  4. Well even if you were to buy the box version of F1 2012 it comes with steam support. The only difference between the two is that buying through steam you will have to download the game where as the box version all you do is install it and you don't need to use up your monthly download quota (if you have one). Now Steam itself as a program is great. It provides an easy way to purchase other games at cheap prices and stores them in what you could call a digital library meaning that once you install it you do not require the disc be in your PC at all times. Steam being installed in your PC will only take up a few Mega Bytes, it's not a big program to have installed and does provide an easy way to play all your games.

    Basically what I'm trying to get at is Steam is great to have on your PC if you enjoying to play games if you are a "casual" or "hardcore" gamer. Even if you bought the boxed version you still to need Steam. The game comes with the installer already on the disc, The last two F1 games had GFWL (Games for Windows Live) which is basically Xbox Live for PC but worse. Which made patch updates for the last two games few and far between. So this year Codemasters went with Steam support for the game making better,easier and cheaper to buy and update the game. I'm not sure what else I can add but please feel free to ask more questions if I have left something out.
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  5. @wizzard

    Don't hesitate in installing steam. You'll be glad you did, come the usual Christmas steam sales :cool: (or maybe not depending how you look at it ;)). Though there are ways around, try and choose a partition (if your hard drive uses them), large enough for any future games you'll install, as they all normally reside in one large steam folder (and sub folders)
  6. @wizzard
    Games for Windows Live = :poop:
    Steam = :thumbsup:
  7. Wow! Thanks alot for the info. I will go with steam then. See you guys soon on the track.
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  8. Sorry guys to bring this topic back up but hopefully my last question. Someone i know is willing to sell/give me his box copy of the game. Can i still use the same steam key to download the game? He also mentioned to me that i might not be able to use it online but doesnt that mean i will not have a valid cd key with it? If no steam key, how do i unlock the game through steam?
  9. I believe his copy will be tied to his steam account (unless he hasn't installed/registered it yet). If this is the case, you can get the retail boxed version cheap enough from a reputable company like shopto for £18.85 http://www.shopto.net/pc/PCFO16-formula-1-2012-f1-2012 (They ship internationally if you're not in the UK). You would also be supporting the devs too :cool: .
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  10. Here is his reply
    "Hi, since the game is import edition it does not work with steam. Simply install the game from DVD using key provided and play. I guarantee that the game will work, except for online play."
  11. That makes zero to no sense. Probably illegal, avoid.
  12. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Every key will work with Steam, no matter what. The only exception would be a Russian key and in that case Steam would simply tell you that the key can't be activated in the region you're currently in if you'd try to activate it.

    Short: this guy is trying to sell you an illegal copy.
  13. Cool thanks for the information. Yeah i know it sounds fishy!