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is rFactor AI very Good?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by seamount, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. I like offline racing so a very good AI is a must.
    How do You rate It? Can I invest My time in rfactor2?
  2. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Very good, possibly the best there is. Only caveat is modded tracks if the AI has not been done properly. Empty Box did a YT video about it.
  3. MarcG

    Premium Member

    Using stock content the AI is the best I've driven against in any sim.
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  4. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    in one word the best atm.
  5. The AI in rF2 is second to none with the majority of ISI's original content. Also, as long as third party content (tracks) use a properly prepared AI fast path (aiw) plus third party car mod's AI settings optimized then they should also be great.

    Note: Not all car & track combinations will the AI be equally great because it's usually dependent on which car mod was used to make the AI fast path (aiw) but car mods that have similar grip levels, braking points, fast lines should perform decent and those which don't have these attributes can be less than desirable!
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  6. +1 to all the above, though it's worth noting that oval AI still needs improvement!

    Additionally, if you don't like some aspect of the AI you encounter, it can be modified:
    1) Assign a setup to AI for better gearing/aerodynamics
    2) AI Learning (method 1), where all the AI benefit from finding slightly better lines
    3) AI Learning (method 2), where one AI learns optimal brake, throttle, & shift points saved to WIS file (wisdom file)
    4) Editing AIW file
    5) Editing car files

    Every standard track has a minimum of fast path, block path, & wet path. Some tracks also have additional paths for car classes. It is even possible to assign a path to a specific AI driver, but I have only seen this done as a test.
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  7. I agree to the oval racing as nothing much is going to help until ISI codes the AI to better handle oval type tracks!

    From my experience the AI learning will usually never help a poorly made AIW plus i discovered with some of the tracks i redone for personal use like for example the Phoenix 91 street course in rF1 that the AI learning actually made my AIW "worst" as my AIW was perfected to avoid the walls which made them faster but the AI learning attempted to shave those critical turns thus some wall scraping which then in the process considerably slowed their fast times!

    After making a AIW i manually fine-tune any troubled locations in the fast line which helps considerably and sometimes adjust corridors where necessary.

    Yes, making AIW's for specific car mods that have trouble and placing the proper commands in the talent files so they can use that AIW path is a great feature in rF2, not like in rF1 where i had to make specific track packs for troubled car mods so they would optimally race!

    Giving the AI a proper setup plus optimizing the car mod's AI settings is one of the first things i do in an attempt to see if that's good enough before performing a new AIW.
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  8. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber
    Premium Member

    I really need to learn how to program the Ai correctly. They are really good on most tracks , but still do some weird stuff on the track. I haven't looked into it deep enough , but if wanted to get the Ai setup to go faster / cleaner lines on the track , how would you guys advise on doing so?
  9. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium Member

    I would say it is usable. Treat them as humans and they will be predictable, but nothing beats online racing!
  10. Watch this for some basic hints!
  11. Nothing beats online racing in a controlled environment such as a league or club but to race on open public servers usually present horrible results. The AI races are superior in comparison!
  12. Install DevMode to edit the AIW. That means you'll need to understand how to extract tracks/cars with MAS2 and get them into DevMode. You'll want to learn about corriders(*), smoothing the line, and how to select & copy segments from one AIW to another.

    (*) For instance, the historic F3 curb hop at Brianza. One solution would be to move the corridors in closer to the track to convince the AI they don't really want to run over the curbs. One should also note that it may not be the best solution since other cars may now run too far from the curb, so it depends on your goal.
  13. Here is a good AIW creation tutorial if you desire to learn more:
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  14. That AIW documentation is a very good way to get started on AIW creation and editing.

    There are some nice little techniques that it doesn't mention, but it's possible to pick up along the way. There are also some minor inaccuracies (leftovers from much earlier builds I suppose), for example the left and right paths aren't auto generated anymore, you have to record those yourself.

    Also it doesn't mention all the nice manual editing and fine tuning you can do on your racing paths after you've recorded them. This is very important I find, because it makes the whole process far less daunting. Some people are scared off because they think they need to drive a PERFECT lap to have a good fast path, as an example. If one or two corners aren't driven perfectly, urgh, damn, gotta do the whole lap over again. Nope, there are plenty of nice easy ways to fix those one or two corners, and also fine tune each and every corner by looking at the speed text. That'll give you a pretty immaculate path in the end.

    It is also possible to create multiple paths that fit different types of cars. In one AIW you can have racing paths for GT cars, high downforce single seaters, historics, you name it. A wet path can also be created if you wish. It all depends on how much work you want to put into it.
  15. What kind of racing do you do? Do you expect to rely on third party tracks? Do you expect to race at tracks where vehicle you are driving is not the primary vehicle raced at that track?
  16. i like openwheels above all, and i will play F1 with "original" and mod cars and tracks
  17. Ok yeah might need to do some tweaking for full season but racerfactor tracks I think are good and also there is a full season f1 mod tweaked for good AI and also good racing but don't remember the name
  18. Frenky's 2013 F1 mod?
  19. Yes!