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is rfactor 2 worth getting??

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by kamackeris, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. kamackeris


    i missed rfactor first time round and have only got a pc again after 7 years away. i'm enjoying the heck out of gsce and that is built on the original engine. i hear the physics and ffb are second to none as is the ai. can you race seasons with the ai or is that available from mods?? is the ai the best out there??
  2. very much worth it, they are really solidifying their content this year. tire model & ffb are very different from gsce, its definitely its own sim (which is great).
  3. kamackeris


    how is offline racing ??? is it pretty much you set up a race how you want it and thats it??? no seasons with the same ai drivers ??
  4. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Have you tried the demo yet?
  5. kamackeris


    no...that probably would be a good place to start !! is that based on the latest build ?? will dl now !
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  6. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Yeah I think it's using the latest build
  7. Right. There are third-party tools which can help with that, but it's pretty much a manual process. Add the AI, kick the ones you don't want. Or you can make your own talent files and package it.

    rF2 is my #1 choice, so of course it's worth getting :)
  8. Meh... kind of hard to recommend. The game is pretty good and everything but there's hardly any good mod or much to do beside hot lapping or offline racing with AI. If that doesn't bother you, ISI made stuff is quite good. And the game has improved a LOT since last year. It doesn't even look that bad anymore.
  9. mods and stock content is a plenty...
    One of the biggest GT3 fields in any game. (apex mod+ others)
    GTE's (URD)
    LMP's (URD,Enduro mod)
    Historic F1 (stock)
    F1 92,79 and 2013 +various others.
    BTCC Honda and a very nice BMW WTCC (stock and mod)
    historic Lola racing (mod,stock)
    Legends of touring cars (mod)
    soon to be Imo the best NASCARS in a modern sim (stock)
    V8 supercars (mods, several)
    DTM's (URD)
    Datsun 240z racer (mod)
    Seat leon cup (mod)

    Oh man can go on and on,and not including tracks thats from a 2 min look at my folder, ppl that think rf2 has lack of quality content need to look again,especially considering how much "value" can get from just racing one car in RF2, I love GSCE too and can find room for both, although rf2 and its features is a massive step forward even if xbone gen fails to see it.
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  10. rF2 is definitely worth checking out as it's one of the most complete sims available. By complete I mean day-night cycles, full weather and a decent selection of ISI made cars and tracks. Then there is the sublime physics, FFB, tyre model etc..Basically ISI took what they learnt from rFactor and improved on every aspect whilst adding new features such as RealRoad

    Mods are a little more sparse than found in other sims although modding groups such as United Racing Design are making mods for rF, rF2 and AC! You can buy DTM (T5 mod), GTE class (EGT mod) and LMP's (PX mod) plus there are various tracks, cars and liveries available via the rF2 forums as well as through other online channels.

    ISI now tweet about these third party mods and will post links on their FB page as their "Third Party Affiliate" program gets going.

    Download the demo here: http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/rf2dl/

    Make sure to let us know what you think 8)
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  11. kamackeris


    the demo is weird....has ac's, formula renault's and karts all on one track. it didn't scream buy me when playing it. i guess playing the full game is different. if i download for example historic f1 mods will the ai be correct or is this a game where i need to tinker a lot
  12. AI path is determined by the trackbuilder (just like AC, GSCE, rF1, and all the old SimBin titles) and quality varies depending on who made the track. There are way more options for path, so realism is very high. You can modify that as you wish, isn't terribly hard to do.

    AI handling is determined by the carbuilder. Again, quality varies depending on who made the car.
  13. Demo is never going to give you more than one track. The car selection shows off a historic, a modern, and a kart, though only the FR3.5 is at home on the current track and the kart is only at home on the kart track.

    With the AC Cobra, make sure you choose the race configuration rather than the street configuration. Street configuration is heavily biased to understeer!
  14. My advice would be to go ahead and buy the sim, (I am sure ISI still offer a time limited refund policy)
    Then install as much stock ISI content, cars and tracks, try a few good quality 3rd party mods, Visit the ISI forums and ask questions, ask questions here, try and get the most out of the sim.
    Depending on which wheel you use, ask for the best settings like ffb smoothing etc, and above all let the track evolve with rubber and marble build up, warm your tyres, try not to flat spot them by locking up...This is when you really start to feel how great and advanced the sim is.
  15. Some tips:

    If you are driving with a wheel with pedals: turn off the driving aids (difficulty settings). Only use TC, ABS and auto clutch if your want to. Steering help, etc will give you a weird experience.

    The track Atlanta motorsport park has different layouts. But i guess you'll already noticed.

    Some useful hotkey's:
    "ctrl-f" ==> will show you the FPS: keep it above 60fps.
    "ctrl-x" ==> time acceleration: put some AI on track during practice and press "ctrl-x". you'll see the track evolving. After a few minutes press "ctrl-x" again and press race.

    The AI are what the modders or ISI fills in... if there is a double car. The second car will get a rondom default rF2 AI.
  16. Yes. ISI still offer a 7 day refund policy which is beyond generous given there is a demo too.

    I'm sure after a day or two, one will either be smitten by rF2 or not when they've loaded all of the ISI made content and a few choice mods.
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  17. Good tips from Gijs! I completely forget that a newcomer wouldn't know to turn off the default aids.
  18. kamackeris


    downloading the content as we speak after buying it !!
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  19. kamackeris


    Ok so didn't quite get it last night but just had two quick races in the karts and the clios and really enjoyed it. Seeing some slight stuttering... Is there a way to lock frame rate at 60? Seeing some very slight tearing too
  20. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    Stuttering is never good. What frame frates are you getting ctrl+f and which circuit did you run. A few mod tracks have slight issues on the pit straight and you get performance drops. I run rF2 always around 100fps, but never had tearing issues.