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Is Racer development dead? Is the Racer Community?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Raphael Buthmann, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, how are you doing ? =)

    I've been looking every single day through this forum, looking forward to updates from you, projects, researches, but it seems quite quiet those days.
    There is a lot of information about Racer RC11 on racer.nl but there's no word of Ruud or anybody else.
    What have you been up to? What are your updates? Are you using another community or something like that? Miss the old RSC gang... hehehe

    Anyway... I miss you friends and the old days of our community when it was less fragmented.
    I've been talking to AMGfan through facebook and we've been fomenting ideas of new projects in a way to wake up our racing community.

    Please, don't let it die. HAHAHA =)
    Do you have wishes, unfinished or parallell projects? Let us know =)
  2. Other than the occasional screenshot this forum has been dead for a very long time. Ruud is probably still working on Panthera. As for the Racer community, the only other Racer sites I know of are, Tracciontraserra, and a forum named Racer Wedlug Nas, or RWN for short. I don't know if RWN is active or not since I don't read the forums, but I have downloaded a few good cars from there in the past. I found RWN from a link on a Youtube channel called Ehune01.

    I also miss the old RSC guys, and I wish we could bring the forum back to how it used to be. A new project from you and AMGfan sounds interesting, and some new content might bring a few people back to the forum. if you need any help with that just toss me a PM and i'll see what I can do.
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  3. Thank you Silver. We are thinking about creating new tracks and some cars.
    I have bunch of conversions, but since they can't be used here, i'll release them externally.

    I bought Race Track Builder. That's interesting as hell... but no native support for Racer.

    Maybe if the community gets back to its path... Ruud maybe update to a new version... maybe
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  4. Hi,

    I am still here, but not much time for Racer, i'm very busy those months.. About projects I've few but the problem is that i want to do them with several version, so it takes time..
    The latest relased projects are Megane II RS and Espace III, both as beta in july. I hope get a more complete version of Espace III (i mean with full versions) soon
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  5. It does seem to have gotten pretty quiet around here lately. I have been busy very recently with a new job, but I do have probably a vehicle or two that could be released possibly but I know the last time i drove one of them I kept on finding things to tweak on it.
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  6. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

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  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Don't understand that unneeded angry response @Alexander Knoll. I think we've kindly hosted this forum for free over the years giving it a place on the largest sim racing forum when the old forum collapsed.

    Ads are unfortunately a necessity to cover the costs. The sites you are posting (offtopic btw) have ads on them as well so whats the point of this remark?

    A forum is as active as the users make it.
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  8. And thank you Bram for hosting the forum for free for us, I don't mind the ads at all if that's what it takes to make it free for everyone to access.
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  9. Me too, thanks Bram! I haven't done anything with Racer since Ver 0906 as I was very disappointed in the last few versions, I've even fogotten how to drive a car in Racer.
    But I'll check into the forum to keep track of any developments.
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  10. I've had a lot of fun with Racer in the past years and it will always have a place in my heart.
    But because of the lack of development + lack of content creators, I think we all need to move on.
    It's probably best to close down the Racer subforum.
    Sorry guys :-(
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  11. The community may be much smaller than it once was, but I think it would be a mistake to delete the forum. The information that this forum has accumulated over the years is useful to those of us who still frequent the site. Were you around during the RSC days? Remember all the data that we lost after the big crash? It would be a shame to lose everything here as well.
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  12. I think not, as that would a big loss for everyone that is still with Racer. the community has shrunk yes, there is still content out there. The biggest loss for this forum would be the information loss, as well as the community.
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  13. I still tinker with Racer quite a bit.

    For me I stopped updating from RC5c, which was when most things felt workable for good content, networking and scripting.

    All the updates since then broke something important to fielding good content.

    Right up to Panthera which seemed to break a few graphics features (tga cubes mostly, essential to the whole PBR pipeline I was working on), and atmosphere generation which is a mix of conflicting systems to get nice real lighting values, also essential to PBR.

    The community will be slow as long as the sim/game is being perpetually broken.

    Panthera 'v2' should be along on it's yearly update cycle in another month or so. At that time we'll see what progress Cruden have made.

    I'm still up for making our own 'community' version of Racer, so a 7zip with everything tweaked to work nicely for a newbie user.

    A few nice tracks. Raven 2 tweaked to be an excellent launcher to merge with our tweaks. A few nice cars.

    I'm just busy right now with other work. And a baby due in a few months. I've got an airfield course that could be finished up enough to look 'ok' quite trivially, and a BMW Z4 that needs finishing up but is also a very high quality mesh base (and I have the real thing for reference which helps)

    As much as Ruud is off doing other things, Racer can still be great if we make it great. No one was updating NFS4 all those years ago, but the community lived for many years afterwards.
    Granted it was a 'finished' game, but Racer has plenty to offer. I'm fairly sure networking works ok in RC5c so we can multiplay ok too.

    Conversions are probably a no-no for our own release, thus updates of classic Racer content, or new content, will be essential to attract the right crowd.

    Cripes, with the right work on scripting (python people?) convertors, I bet you could run any modders AC car through it and populate most fields for car.ini, sounds, graphics/shading, and get a car that runs right in Racer straight off.
    Tracks might be a bit more difficult, but still do-able.

    There isn't any reason, with the work invested, that we can't get AC modders firing their content out for us in Racer too, if it's just a script/conversion system away.

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  14. I tinker with Racer when I have time, usually happens on Sundays since its the only real day off I have. My new job has kept me busy (doesn't help that I probably spend 2 hours in my car driving there and back).

    I tend to stick with RC4 myself, mostly because I felt it worked best for network play. So that said i think agreeing on which version to use as a community version would be the first thing to figure out, If RC5c works well on the network side, I'd say it could be the one to go with.

    I have a few cars I could still release here, most obviously its my Ranger (seriously just waiting for Silver to get around to making 2d gauges for it), the other car needs more work first, parts of it are good, just needs more polish in spots. And actually just thought, I still haven't released my Omni GLH-Turbo, guess that thing should be looked at as well at some point here. I'd be willing to put in any of my content that I've created, just name it. I can also look into older cars being updated to a newer version of Racer (I actually got the Supra going pretty nicely, and even the Golf R32 looking good)

    As for Raven 2, tell me what you think it needs, I kind of want to get the car/track listings in a better order (right now they go off of folder name, would prefer vehicle name). Granted some features are going to be harder to add than other features (nothing like a good challenge though).
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  15. If you're looking for a version that would work well as a starter pack then I would recommend RC4. Harey and I never have multiplayer issues, and RC4 works best with ATi and Nvidia cards IMO. I suppose I could finish up those gauges for Harey's Ranger :p And I could update a few cars.
  16. Hi guys.
    I still check the screenshots from time to time. Have made some track updates earlier but have not bothered to share them. Mostly because they were requests from my daughter, and she is almost 16 now and does not care about Racer anymore, but also because I shut down my server some years ago due to lack of time to maintain it. Anyway, I still "play with" Racer and modeling but am not as dedicated as before.

    Nice to see familiar names here!! Happy new year and love to all of you :)

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  17. I still play sometimes...it got awfully quiet about 6 months after I started playing ;(
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  18. I've not looked back at RC4 yet, but I have this feeling there were a few physics bloopers in there that made it not so useful.
    That period was a high point, but still interspersed with the odd deal breaker in the occasional version.

    RC5c seems to work ok here when I've played with Cosmo, almost all problems we ever had were firewall related. Racer itself seemed to play ok.
    The only issues I think we had were things like resetting and scripts interfering with each other. Actually running Racer off a server with clients joining might alleviate some issues there, and the scripts may be more robust simply by figuring out decent scoping and doing some thorough testing.
    Knowing we're aiming at one specific version of Racer at least means we can just figure it out and then run with a consistent approach.

    I can then target all my shaders and PBR stuff at that version, and example skies/values, and we can then work out with great base content and upgrade everything slowly to meet those standards we slowly set and define as 'being the best'

    I know Stereo and Cosmo put a lot of time and effort into bug finding and shaders stuff around this time, so we have lots of reason to use a vintage around that point as the last known good version to build some decent content up from.

    Has anyone here ever run a Racer server and had a multiple remote (over internet) client session?

    As per Raven, I'm thinking more a trusted batch running system maybe? So it kinda does a bit like what the Lambo Gallardo config tool does.
    If it can also elegantly manage many different car folders but the same 'car' underneath, so that network players can see different coloured cars and so on, that'd be cool.
    So it'd mean Raven somehow dealing with primary car folders (a base install), and then deploying the 'variants' into the car root folder with appropriate names for the car folders.

    I'm not sure how it'd all work, but raven variants just meant huge disk space, but everyones cars were still the same colour if they picked the same one.
    Letting Raven actually make the variants actual car folders to choose from, but without the user needing to download 20 different cars, would be really cool.

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  19. I just wish some day, Racer crew releases a total open beta for particles / sounds / scripts / physics to be tweakeable via scripts.

    It's such a shame we spend days and months into scripts that do not solve the problem. That are only cosmetic.
    I want to build a turbo script using cut samples of a spin process, via increments of "wait" and it's GETTING ME CRAZY.

    If only we could have fmods banks and events variables accessible via scripts and not trying to improvise without accuracy, like "hardcoding" these customizations inside the game".

    I believe it could be good for our community, and furthermore, for Racer's future.

    I don't believe Racer's graphical engine is bad. I just wanted us to have "full" access to this customization.

    Reshade changed FOREVER my way of looking into Racer. But so bad that it's so fps hungry.

    ^ Cosmetical improvised backfire + backfire sound that (imho) looks much better than racer's graphical engine.

    But it's not accurate as it should be if I could use a setup of particles via car.ini and trigger it via scripts.
    And trigger that backfire sound together with physics and graphical appearance of particle models.
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