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Is RACE ON just an add on?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by dc67, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Should i get GTR:EVO too?
  2. Yes :)
  3. NO!!!

    My version of Race ON had Race07+GTRE+STCC!!

    [edit] I only installed the local version.
  4. Race On doesn't contain any Evo content.
  5. Yes it's addon-content for the RACE'07-platform, how can people still be supprised about this EVERY time Simbin release a 'new' PC title ??

    Not that there is anything wrong with that, Simbin IS the most profesional MOD-group out there :D
  6. Mike one more time. Race ON is NOT an add-on (meaning it requires Race07 or GTRE). It is a standalone game. I installed Race ON on a brand new laptop which didnt have a single game on it. BUT you are right and I was wrong. Race ON does not have any Evo contents.

    This is what you get for tracks!! (notice full STCC)

  7. Simbin is not a mod group, but a company charging money for their work.
  8. That's because you purchased the full version. It includes Race07 in the full version.

    Sold as the full version, yes it is standalone.

    GTR Evo sold as a full version is a stand alone game also. It also includes Race07.

    Without Race07, neither Evo nor Race On will work.

    But Race On will also be sold as addon through Steam. Meaning you will be required to have Race07 to play.

    GTR Evo is the same. Sold as an addon, it requires Race07.

    STCC the same. It was sold as a complete game in Scandinavia. But, sold as an addon, it required Race07.

    So to answer the OP, yes and no.

    Race On can be purchased as an addon or as a full version. But currently only the full version is available.

    From SimBin:


    Cleary, it still requires Race07 whether you call it a standalone or an addon :)
  9. Amazon didnt have an option? so it is only sold as a full version in the US.
  10. But the point is....

    Race On will not work without Race07 installed. Period.

    You have the dvd, try to get Race On to run without installing Race07. You have the option during the installation procedure.

    Don't install Race07. Just install the Race On content and see what happens. It will not run.

    Calling it a "stand alone game" is just semantics and marketing.

    It's an addon that requires Race07 to function.
  11. I had the option? I did the default install (next, next, next...)

    It did have the full STCC:)

    Race07 is the base to everything so clearly it has to be there (one way or another).
  12. LOL then what are we arguing about? :rotfl:
  13. You can standalone install Evo, STCC or Race On. So technically they could be considered "Games" instead of "Add-Ons".
  14. You should wait for the Steam release I think. That's the only way to get only the Race On content.. (For if you already have Race07).
  15. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    YEs on steam you can buy the expansion pack of RACE On later!! Confusing? Yes!
  16. But they started out as a modding team for F1 Challenge... :wink2:
  17. Making money, hence my useage of "professional" in that sentence :D

    The 'Race On' title is clearly intended for wheeling in some US users - US cars, US tracks, go figure. It IS an expansion pack just as STCC and EVO, but as previously mentioned they will all also be sold as a standalone-option-package.

    My point is, that people should NOT be expecting new graphics/psysics -engine. It's still the Race'07 platform. Is'nt really that complicated :)
  18. Where did anyone mention new graphics or physics? :)
  19. I did'nt say anyone had, consider it bonus-info or whatever, the question in play is if Race On is a new game, or just new content. If one would presume it's a new game, these features could be expected :) I'm just saying don't...
  20. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I just hope this is the last add-on my class menu will be pretti damn full when I get all these new ones!