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Is my pC good enough for F1 2013?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by jacktorrance, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    Ive tried to run F1 2013 on highest resolution, but I experience slight stuttering. I was wondering whether my PC has enough power for F1 2013. Could anyone give me some advice?

    AMD FX6200 black cpu
    Club Radeon HD 7850 royal 1gig
    8gb ram

    If I need to upgrade, what would be first? CPU or video?

  2. I wonder why game must play in highest resolution plus highest graphic setting :whistling:
  3. Tom

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    @jacktorrance I think it should be sufficient, although "highest resolution" always depends on your screen - keep that in mind.
  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    Nothing wrong with either the CPU or Graphics card, it's probably just your expectations that need adjusting ;)

    I never maxed my settings out on my old HD7950 3GB 1920x1080, I usually turned down shadows and AA, the biggest frame rate killers. However I like high framerates because I have a 120hz monitor, and I record my races, capturing video can hit the frame rate to a varying degree.

    Now with a pair of crossfired HD7970's, I auto disable crossfire for this game, as there is no Catalyst profile for the game yet (It's in the current beta drivers).

    So I run on a single HD 7970, with x4 AA, and everything else maxed, and maintain 100fps fairly easily. I have an i7 3770k, but the game isn't CPU intensive. Averages at around 38% load, with an extended peak at 53 % load, during the benchmark test

    I would prefer more than 1GB of graphics card VRAM. With so many textures on the move, stuttering could be caused. I did say could be caused not will be caused.

    I think my card is using around 900 MB of VRAM at it's peak with this game. Which implies that 1GB is fine, contrary to what I said above, but I still prefer 2GB + nowadays :)
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  5. So may be i should stop playing this game before i finally upgrade my PC cause i still using outdated CPU + GPU (AMD Phenom x 4 955 + HD6850) here :rolleyes:
  6. I used to get stuttering before upgrading. I think Win8.1 is a possible cause for it though and I also ended up losing about 1 second in pace due to the stuttering but have since gone back to win8 and everything is fine.

    Another issue I had was I only had 1.25GB v-ram and was maxing it out quite often online. Since upgrading to 3GB I have actually seen usage of 1956 at 1440p Ultra 8xAA. Yeah pretty insane for F1, but 2013 does use almost double of last year since they updated the textures. The v-ram didn't really effect the fps though, but a possible cause for stuttering.

    2GB is pretty much the standard these days. F1 is also rather cpu intensive compared to other game too. Lowering shadows and reflections will give the biggest fps boost.
  7. Thanks for your help. Ive decided to try and see if a little overclocking might help. I bumped the card from standard 860 to 900 and now the game runs without stuttering at 1600x1000, shades and trees at hi, 2xmsaa. Good enough for me. No need for expensive
    new cards. Reading left and right this hd7850 can handle a lot more oc-ing so im good. Thanks again for the help!
  8. Damn right!! :) Ive a new Sony Bravia 42" screen wich might take up some power, but as I stated in the other reply, a little oc-ing does wonders.
  9. Tom

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    That's still, in all probability, a 1080p HD TV - so 1920x1080 is the resolution you'll have to go for. Size doesn't matter when it comes to resolution, not in this case. ;)

  10. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    The good thing about the higher resolutions, is that you can cut back on the AA, as the pixels are smaller at those resolutions, so any 'jaggies' are less noticeable :)
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  11. Your card has enough power to run on 1100-1150 MHz if you bump the core voltage a little.
  12. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    It depends really, my old Sapphire HD7950 didn't like being pushed too much. It preferred being under 1 Ghz (default 810 mhz).

    With the increase in core voltage, fan noise can become an issue, where the noise isn't worth the limited extra performance. :)

    It is pot luck whether you get card that can be pushed hard.
  13. I dont think the Catalyst Control Center will allow any higher than 1050. Do I need to have a different program like Afternurner to adjust higher? ANyway, I think 1050 will be more than enough to run F1 2013.
  14. I use MSI Afterburner. If your card is Sapphire you can use Sapphire Trixx. There are plenty of other software - Asus, Gigabyte, pretty much every manufacturer releases their software for OC.
    My old 7770 was clocked at 1 GHZ and 1150 memory @1125 core voltage. I rased the voltage to 1200 and got 1150 on the core and 1250 on the memory. This was incredible boost for 2012. I can't control the voltage on my new R9 270x and I could only hit 1150 on the core with 1070 default :(
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  15. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Saved me typing ...... I'll just agree with Victor:D
  16. Thanks a bunch guys! You saved me a lot of money today. I never realised my card was still good enough, and apprently doesnt mind a little oc-ing either. I raised the power a bit, the core clock to 945 and the memory to 1215. All in all enough to run f12013 at 1960x1000 and 4x fsaa.

    Just a small last q: what card should i look at if I want to upgrade? R9 280x? The storesalesguy said I should bother unless i wana spend 500€ o a real good R9, as all below are still the same chipset as i have now.
  17. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I don't really follow cards too much, unless I am in the market for one.

    It can depend on what power supply you have, but I tend to get the best single card I can afford, then get another later for crossfire. Then it's back to a single card again, and so on. For 2 x HD7970's, a good 750W power supply is enough. My system peaks at around 600 Watts under full load. (I have a watt meter on the wall socket)

    Again it will depends on the price of the second card. The HD 7850 is pretty cheap now, in the £125 range for a 2 GB card. If you did crossfire 2 of them, you would have a pretty good frame rate in many games. Also you would make the new 2GB card the master card, thereby increasing your VRAM. Only the VRAM on the master card is used when in crossfire.

    Crossfire isn't for everyone though, sometimes people have problems with it, again a bit of pot-luck.

    Nearly always the best option is one good single card, if you can afford a decent one.

    The HD 7950 is still a good card a better 'value', bang for buck card compared to the HD 7970, certainly at the time of release is was. Now I favour the HD 7970, as the prices drop.

    I haven't reallly looked at the spec or reviews of the R9 280x yet ..... but a quick glance (just now) says that they will use the same chips as the HD 7000 series, and that the 7000's will gradually fade away. A good time to look for 7000 series price drops. Added bonus the free games seen with the 7000 series will not be extended into the new range of cards. There is some quality games to be had with the 7000 series. I chose 3 last week, and still have 3 to pick by the end of the year (they change now and then).

    My info comes from AnandTech, I haven't finished reading it yet ..... as I am going to bed now :)

    I hate choosing video cards ...... :)

    I know nothing about NVidia cards, I haven't used them for a number of years.
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  18. 280x is rebranded 7970, 270x is rebranded 7870. 290x is the best card for now, beating Titan at many games but it's too hot and too loud because of it's reference cooler.There are pretty good deals for GTX780 in UK and this is beast card.
  19. This thread surprises me.

    I ran F1 2013 on a pc from 2008. An E8500 clocked at 4.2 ghz using an ancient GTX275. Using DDR3 1750mhz ram.

    F1 2013 everything on ultra 1920x1080 and 4xMSAA and the game played pretty much constant 60fps.

    It was slightly better in fps than 2012. You really don't need the latest hardware for these codemasters games.
  20. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Nobody said that you do ...... it just kind of developed into a more general video thread. Especially after the OP was satisfied when he tweaked his card and his stuttering appeared to have ceased.