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Is My Pace Good?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by F1Fan7, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone. I'm not new to F1 games, been playing since F1 2010, but I never really started getting serious about racing until lately.

    I haven't started my career mode yet, but I have done some Time Trial at the first two rounds on the calendar, Albert Park and Malaysia.

    I don't know what the settings are on the car for TT (fuel map, fuel load, etc.) but I wanted to know if my pace was good, and what difficulty I should play on for a good balance of challenge and fun.

    In the Ferrari, at Melbourne, I consistently ran 1:29:XXX laps, with a fastest lap of 1:27:447. At Malaysia, I ran consistent 1:39:XXX laps, with a fast lap of 1:37:067. This is with ABS and Braking Assist off, TC on full, Auto Gearbox.

    Are these good, respectable lap times? Which difficulty and team would it be best to start my career in? Thanks in advance guys.
  2. Oh, I should note that this is using the default setup.
  3. Also, at Abu Dhabi in the Young Drivers Test, I've run consistent 1:46:XXX with a fast lap of 1:44:774.
  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    You can't really base anything on TT times :)

    In TT mode, you have the perfect car, no tyre sim (no tyre wear), and no fuel sim (no weight change, no fuel mix changes).

    By perfect car I mean all the research and development has already been done on aero, brakes, engine etc. The sort of car that you would have near the end of a season rather than at the beginning.

    So whatever team you pick (if you've practised in TT mode with them) ...... expect your laptimes to substantially increase when you start your career (ignoring any setup gains you might get by using a better setup)

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  5. TT Times are just like Free Practice 1 Times which are not an indicator.
    Go to career and choose your team (Use Mods if you want to have a big team right for the start)and first start with Expert and see how you pace your self and then if they are match you can have fun if they are overpowering you then go back to Professional.
    But importantly have lot of practice on the car you want to have career with
    All the best :thumbsup:
  6. Alright, I have selected Force India to start my career with. I am about to go to the first practice. Wish me luck!
  7. So, I just finished the first practice at Melbourne. I didn't do all of it as I wanted to save some tires for the race. I did about 30 minutes of it.

    I started on the Primes, ran 12 laps, and had a fastest lap on the primes of 1:30:647. Then, I put on some options and ended up with this time (had 5 laps of fuel on the car, I ran the fast lap on the second lap of the run).
    This is on the Expert difficulty (one below the highest). I'm quite pleased with that and I'll keep it there until I completely work my way off of assists.