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Is monaco far too easy?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by aceraspire4743, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. im close to 2 seconds faster than the guy in P2 during qualifying in the mclaren even though im playing on expert, and during the race i was able to pull away effortlessly and eventually win by nearly 30 secs. So, as the title says, is monaco jus too easy?
  2. Yes, Monaco is too easy in this game. But it is easy to crash here, so if you don't have ideal rythm you won't win no matter how fast you are. If you can make 78 laps there without crashing - good job :)

    I won Monaco in WIlliams too by 20 secs (expert, season 1)... Could be +1 lap to every car, but Safety Car appeared.
  3. i can never survive 78 laps...the most ive done was a 50% and i was totally worn out by then :p
  4. I could put the Force India on pole on prime tires. I'm not sure if it's the player that has an advantage, or the AI just being terrible.
  5. Yyyyyeah... I know Intermediate is probably too easy for me, since so far I've won twice in a season 1 Lotus, but I'll just leave it for now and turn the difficulty up with the next season (if I ever get there, considering how much/little time I have to play...). Still, I screwed up in Spain and Turkey and landed 18th twice...
    Anyway - Season 1, Monaco, Lotus... and over 50 seconds ahead of Vettel (2nd). It's even more fun when you consider, that I did only a two stop strategy (in a 50% race - 39 laps): switched options to primes on lap 9 and stayed on them all the way to lap 27. I was going to do full 20 laps, but driving around with tyres at 33% was becomming slightly uncomfortable. Hell, even cold new options had more grip :D

    So, to sum up - Intermediate is pretty easy and you can fight for the title in a Lotus or HRT, but (for me at least) the races are somewhat close (wouldn't have won in China, if the backmarkers hadn't slowed Vettel down on the last lap).
    Monaco however was just insultingly easy, so as long as you don't crash into anything winning there is a piece of cake. Most circuits have a corner or two, where the AI goes weirdly slow. In Monaco the WHOLE CIRCUIT is like that 0_--
  6. They do drive carefully around monaco currently... but its no where near as bad as it used to be :) At least they try to overtake each other now.
  7. I put a HRT on pole in S1 at Monaco (on Expert settings). Lead for 76 laps (had lapped up to 4th place) until I punctured at Ste. Devote on Lap 77. Dropped me to 6th! :mad:
  8. Is it too easy? I don't know, let's see.

    *starts game*
    *finds an online Monaco lobby*

    I can confirm it is not too easy. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking this medivac to hospital.
  9. Just finished Monaco in my career (Willians - no assists - Pro difficulty - 50% race) and I can't say that I found it too easy...

    The changing weather didn't help though as I went from light clouds to heavy rain at the end of the race. What almost killed me was the AI going for Inters 6 laps after I had to!

    Took me countless tries to get to the finish line, but then I had the surprise of crossing it 2nd! Well mostly cuz most of the contenders previously ahead of me were DNF (5 of them, mostly tiers 1 & 2), otherwise I would probably have finished 6th.

    But if I hadn't had the patience to try and retry for a somewhat clean race, I would probably have finished 12th or lower, if at all...
  10. Problem with AI in wet conditions is other thing. Monaco itself has too easy AI.
  11. I won in a Williams as well in my first season. But it was before the patch, so I dont know how it is now. I had the idea that the AI mainly lost a lot of time wen lapping other cars.