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is it worth it

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Tom Watts, May 25, 2010.

  1. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts
    Premium Member

    just been wondering for a couple of months to maybe try it but i cant efford to spend hundreds of pounds a year but can u still have fun with a very limited budget
  2. in rookie level yes but right next D road lisence you need 10 or so tracks and a car:( It's sad for newcomers but nice for others so we dont have to race those same tracks forever:)
  3. Only you can decide if it's worth it for you, but iRacing continues to grow, so it's worth it to many, but not everyone. Here is a link with Promos. Best way to know is to try it.

    I have over 500 races and +2,000 total sessions including practices, qualys, time trials. I spend $60 on an Xbox 360 game that lasts 10 hours vs $20 a month for 2,000 hours.... It's an easy decision for me, but it's more than just a game for me, it's a hobby.

  4. By all means pick up one of their trial offers but remember iRacing is an expensive game & they arent giving anything away either. If you are a competent sim racer you will get bored of the standard content quite quickly & thats where the costs start racking up. I saw a 3 month deal for $15 somewhere or you can get a month for $5 or there is a month with extra track for $10.
    So many offers about its worth looking around for a good one that suits you.

    PR-INDY gets you the indy car with your standard stuff
    or looky here: http://www.inracingnews.com/category/iracing-news/
  5. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts
    Premium Member

    ok kl thanks for the advice might jsut try in the oncoming weeks looks good
  6. As has already been stated - it really depends on the individual if they think it is worth it. I won't bore you with why I am currently in love with iRacing, but in short - it seems to get reviews like Marmite: best thing since... or spawn of the devil :D.

    Dip your toes in and find out which it will be for yourself (but don't judge it on the Soltice, as that car is like the reasonably priced Lacetti on Top Gear). You might be surprised at the fun you can get in the Legends.
  7. i agree with these other guys, you have to decide for yourself. I started off slow with a 3 month trial period. Then i was out for about 6 months. It was at that point that i had some extra money and really decided to give it an attempt. You can't judge the road racing on the solstice. If you think about it, this is where every iracer has to start, good or bad. You WILL find a lot of bad eggs out there, but it could also just be someone who's trying to learn. If you stick with the solstice though and eventually work yourself to a D liscence (if you reach a 4.0 safety rating you'll auto rank up on the spot) than you will be able to choose from the jettas or the skip barbers. I currently am running the skip barbers and i absolutely love them.

    On the oval side the legends are enough fun to keep you entertained for a while. Again, you'll encounter some newbies, but stick with it because as you get better liscenses, you'll race better drivers. I'm currently about to hit my B class liscence in ovals where i'll be able to race the nationwide cars. As of now i'm in the Craftsman Trucks and they are fantastic.

    Iracing is great because it takes your irating and sticks you with guys who are on the same level. This gives you a shot to win every time. The other day in the skip barbers i started last on the grid (15th i think) and stayed clean. Once the 1/2 hour race was up, i found myself crossing the finish line in 1rst with my first skip barber win! Little things like that keep me running it, so much so that i ponied up for 2 year subscription which saves you about half what it would cost if you just paid month to month.

    If you've ever wondered what it's like to sit behind the wheel of a real race vehicle, this is about as close as you'll get. That's why it costs money :D