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Is it that unusual?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Last night I thought I would try my hand at the Legends oval practice and perhaps a race or two. I had gotten in a practice and had asked what a good lap time was for something to work towards. A couple of extremely nice guys (Bubba Gale, and Kevin Bogart) were very helpful and gave me some great pointers. So after talking with them and watching them and being watched he had asked how I had my wheel set. I then told them I was using a flight stick until I could find a place that had the wheel I was after in stock. For the third time after I had been asked that question the chat box lit up with OMG!!!!'s and stuff like you are a better man than me. Is it really that unusual for someone not to be using a wheel? I'll admit it's not the easiest thing to do but it's not all that hard either once you get use to it. I'm sure I have a chance to make more mistakes but you have to use what you have right...lol, it's as if I have the plague when people find out I'm using a flight stick...hehehe They seemed really in shock that I had been using a flight stick on road races and having won two races. Anywho, just curious...
  2. in short, yes
  3. I've heard of people using game pads, but you are the first one to use a flight stick that I know of.
  4. Back in the early days (before 1997 or so, when I got my first Thrustmaster wheel) I used a standard PC joystick. Can't say I've heard of anyone doing it lately - like William, only game pads...
  5. If I remember correctly one of the top drivers at iRacing used a flight stick for years and was always at the top of the lists in GPLRank.. so I assume it can't be THAT much of a disadvantage once you got used to it. But wouldn't wanna try it myself as I would miss the immersion factor the wheel provides :)
  6. Yeah, most likely after all the Christmas rush is over I'll be able to find and pick up the G27 that I'm after. Hopefully...hehe
  7. I have driven with flight sticks and it's not that bad. It only sounds hard but I would bet that in ovals it makes a lot less difference. In road, I think I would really miss the immersion and the fine control a wheel provides. It sounds like the OP races road mostly and I would think some cars are easier than otherws. Like the little mazda may be OK, but the Vette? I wouldn't drive that with a stick, I can barely handle it with full wheel and pedals.