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Is it sim or arcade?

Discussion in 'Forza Horizon 3' started by Mike85, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Hi guys! Just wanted to ask wether forza horizon is an arcade style driving game or simulation? If arcade, how much it is an arcade in terms of car handling? I mean It's like trackmania or need for speed (the last one)?
  2. ouvert

    Premium Member

    it is very well made arcade
  3. Thanx ouvert! Its like trackmania or nfs?
  4. Neither. It is its own game. It is its own style.
  5. I'd class Horizon similar to Codemasters games of old: You get reasonably realistic physics with extra grip and magic brakes. But controls are crisp, no floatiness or lag. Definitely arcade, but driving skill still translates into faster laptimes, braking for corners and hitting apexes still has benefit.
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  6. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff Member

    If you want to look over a game that "RESEMBLES" FH, look over Test Drive Unlimited or The Crew, it's basically the "same genre"
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  7. ouvert

    Premium Member

    depends on which NFS :) ... I would say it is closer to trackmania but not that arcade .. I mean physics laws don`t apply to your car in terms od grip, braking, mass transfer, pretty much anything you are considering in simracing... you can take LaFerrari on the beach and drive 300mph in sand, than you can steer into the wather and still going with water half meter deep. If you drive two wheels on road, two on grass in car with 800HP you won`t notice, etc .. pure arcade in openworld

    Also if you wanna try openworld arcade tommorow The Crew is free for PC (you need to buy it for 0 money and than it stays free for you forever) ..
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  8. Forza games always have proper tire and car physics, setup and telemetrie... Even drivetrain elasticity is properly simulated in Forza games... Thats why it has the Forza title in its name and not Need for Speed Horizon or The Crew Horizon... It was the idea from the start of the Horizon series to bring the Forza physics in an open world ;)

    If someone wants to be know more about how things in Forza work look here:


    1:46:00: Laserscan Tracks, also at 7:23:00, Updates of IRL changes to tracks
    1:55:00 Licensing Track, Cars
    5:24:45 How to make a Forza Game mit Creative Director Bill Giese
    6:10:00 Audio and Music Q&A mit Audio Director Nick Wiswell
    6:18:00 Drivetrain Elasticity, Sound Engine
    8:18:00 Physics, Tires, Older Cars
    8:29:40 Rain/Wet Tracks
    8:31:55 Puddles
  9. ouvert

    Premium Member

    It doesn't matter what do you implement, if it is not implemented realistically it is still arcade... And drivetrain elasticity is uselles if you can drive your Lambo on sand in half meter salt water like there is no tomorrow :)
  10. If there would be a beach in Assetto you could do that too... So it does not matter where you drive what matters for me is the car physics working in the background...
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  11. ouvert

    Premium Member

    there is a sand in Zandvoorth .. go try to go 250kmh on in an maintain perfect control over car ... or just find some grass .. sure grass is just less grippy tarmac with different texture in AC but you won`t be able to control you car on it. Just watch any video of Forza Horizon and tell me that it resembles realistic car behaviou to you .. this is not me saying it is bad game .. just intentionaly made arcade full of wow effects and drive models that makes you feel good ..
  12. As i said: "what matters for me is the car physics working in the background..." not the grip numbers of the sand in AC at Zandvoort or on grass... This has nothing to do with the tire model, car setup ect...

    And you don´t need to quote the last post...

    Btw: You know the legendary Daytona Beach racetrack ?

    Take a look here starting at 15min 40sec :

    Seems arcade :D
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  13. ouvert

    Premium Member

    don`t see any Aventador in that video :)
    as goes "physics working behind it", you can have as much physics calculations as you want but unless they are not trying to be reasonably simplified model of real world you don`t get simulation out of it :)

    I`m starting to think a bit you are trolling me ;) as I never heard anybody arguing about Horizon being arcade branch of simcade Forza series ... I don`t even think devs are trying to sell physics in that game ..to me they are selling lifestyle, love to cars, fun and more casual experience
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  14. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    To me its a matter of having fun, I prefer rF2, AMS, or R3E physics for simulating racing but that doesn't mean I need the same physics for a drop-down gorgeous open-world car game. If you try to lump everything together and use a single and narrow set of variables to define what's fun then that limits the choices of games for fun. I don't take Forza Horizon 3 seriously, it is a niche that is well... "fun"... for me. It feels better and "a little" more believable than something like NFS, GRID, or The Crew but it really doesn't matter. If someone enjoys NFS then that's all that matters. My favorite racing sims are R3E, rF2, and AMS - my favorite arcade open world is easily Forza Horizon 3 - I'm amazed at the detail and work that has gone into this game. Credit where credit is due.
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  15. This is my first Forza title and physics, if you can call it that, right up to the level of NFS.
    Great, gorgeously looking game but based on a dream land laws of physics.
    Just fun,perhaps not long lasting.Get one if you have little kids, they love it.
  16. PicoBp

    #26 | HSRC - Banzaaaiii Touring Car Crew Premium Member

    Forza Horizon 3 is just as arcade as Forza Motorsport: Apex is. What I would compare it to is the original Race Driver: GRID (before they messed it up with making sequels). That one had pretty enjoyable handling with general physics laws in good order, but made to be accessible by a wider audience. Can't even count how many hours I spent with that game back in the days. :)
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  18. I find Forza 6 actually makes driving race cars with enough aero to fly a plane (if you turned it upside down) and massive fat slicks and made by he greatest engineering brains on the earth to be usable and fast and handle well, seem like they are driving on ice!!
    I find ironically AC and PCars much much 'easier' to drive in as they are more realistic as in the cars actually have grip and you feel the aero and slicks at play.......
    The notion that race cars have no grip is utterly daft and goes agaisnt EVERYTHING they are designed to do!!