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Is it possible to switch cockpits in V8SC UL?

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by jbfan, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Is it possible to switch files in the mod folders to switch cockpits? Example, use a Holden cockpit in a Falcon? I really like the look of the Holden cockpit in the Unleashed mod, but I want to use it in a Ford. Just curious.
    God Bless
  2. The cockpits in V8 Unleashed are not complete packages, they were the old V8 Factor cockpits with slight change just to get the mod out there and offer community input while they fixed up the new one (and other bits).

    As for switching the cockpits, why ? yes I see you like the other cockpit over the other but (as I said it's not the final version) the cars need to represent the cars as they do in real life..

    Next people will want to know how to put the Ford hood on the Holden car, it's bad enough seeing people do this in real life on the roads but each for their own..

    So JB, to offer a reply without going into how, the guys at ORSM are replicating the real life series and any changes would only cause mismatches online and secondly would need permission from ORSM to do such a thing.

    Now where did I park my Holden with the Ford hood :tongue:
  3. I certainly see your point. It was simply because I liked the looks of the Holden cockpit better (more modern). I didn't realize there was an update coming. I thought the next update was for rfactor 2. I think the mod and cars are EXTREMELY well done and accurate. I was just curious to know if we could tweak it to our preferences.
    God Bless
  4. If you prefer the cockpit in the other car, drive the other car ;)
  5. Thats correct.. There is no Physics differences between the 2 makes in V8Factor. The only difference is the sounds.
  6. why is there no difference? everyone knows the holden is faster and handles better, just ask Jamie :D
  7. It would be cool if it was Holden a bit more drive and less turn and the ford more turn and less drive Because that's is how it is in real life
  8. That's what I have been doing. I actually like the skins of the Toll Holden cars better than any of the Ford teams. I only asked because I like Ford products and I also like to tinker with mods for fun. I am very new to the V8 supercar fan base and we don't get to see them on TV much here in the USA. Here, we have Nascar and you have favorite drivers as well as favorite makes of cars : Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge & Toyota...that's why I wanted to tweak it to my liking. Just to be "loyal" to Ford, I guess. I thought both makes were equal. Based on what I've read online. I still have a lot to learn about the series. Cockpits in the mod are really not that big of a deal to me.
  9. RE Both of you:

    You both know that each team builds each car differently right? The only things that really remain stock are the chassis' and engines. So naturally, you may get some Fords that handle better than other Holdens, and vice versa, the same is true with power and torque.

    To simulate the differences, the guys would have to get specs from each individual team, which they would never release (not even to iRacing), they would then need to create a new "car" for each team, then have the issue of getting them all to work with the correct graphical framework, or create a new one for each team...

    Maybe you get my point already :p

    The point is, no Ford or Holden is better than the other, it is the teams that build and drive the cars that make the difference :)
  10. RE you:

    chill out dude, just taking the piss out of the Ford fans, geeze!

  11. um yes what i said was true because at last years test day at qld raceway my uncle was chatting to craig lowdnes and he said that the ford has more steering then the holden and the holden has more drive then the ford............

    p.s. i wasnt saying to include in the phyics!
  12. That's actually pretty cool. I can certainly understand that each team builds there cars different. Heck, that's part of the competition of racing. Even here in the USA, NASCAR mandates certain parts and restrictions for each make of car, to try and keep them closely competative, but each team has their own way of building their cars and implementing their own ideas.
  13. Can I ask more pics about the new cockpit. Or when comes out. thx.
  14. eak it will come out when they release the md for rfactor 2 so i guess no new cockpit till then