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Is it possible to recreate the Hard Drivin' course in BTB?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DrugstoreCowboy, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, the title says it all really.

    I'd be happy to pay out for BTB if the loop and so on isn't beyond the limits of the programme.

  2. Loops are pretty much impossible, the driving surface won't be reacting correctly upside down.. But with collision it can be done, then the cars wheel wont be touching the surface, only body in the updown part.. Needs a lot of speed and if one doesn't assign any material on it, there's no feedback, ie it's completely flat. So it's possible. Those jumps are not really possible, the car will stop immediately when the splitter touches the ground. But again, using invisible colliding surfaces there can be the illusion of jumping big.. I've been studying the possibility of making an arcade track so i've done a few jumps.. ;)

    And no cow sounds, i'm afraid lol
  3. BTB always tries to keep the top of the track facing upwards, so as soon as the gradient goes above 90 degrees, it twists the track around. It would be best to make the loop, or at least the top half, in an object program and set it up in BTB as a drivable object. You'd need to use another program, e.g. 3dSimed, to weld the vertices to the track.
  4. you can use walls to make loops inside BTB, just set it driveable and modify panel legth to get a smoth surface
  5. Would the above problems be why I can't build a half-pipe in BTB?
    It crashes with an Error stating "Can't export Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
    (Exact wording & Caps)
    The thing is there IS no objects & only 3 materials, all from default Xpack....
    Any hints or tips guys, I'd love to go skateboarding in a WRx!
  6. I don't think that is the vertical stuff that's bringing up the error.. I got that error many times a day, there's certain bugs in BTB (copy a multimaterial crossection to a crossection with 0 materials and 90% of the time i get that error...) It resolves by clicking continue on that error screen and clicking any "Shape" on/off to refresh track mesh..

    But when it appears only during exporting, it's more problematic as you don't know what excactly is doing it.. One method i've used is to backup project, delete all objects -> export, delete all SObjects -> export and so on until the problematic object/mesh is found. But it's very annoying and timeconsuming method of bughunting..
  7. I tried making loops-the-loops in 3ds max and importing into rFactor and they don't work once the tires touch the upside down part.. But rfactor has too much collision issues even for a halfpipe (tried that too). It works, but just after you realize you can't make objects thinner than about half a meter for collision in rFactor. More correctly, opposing faces of an object must not be on the distance less than about half a meter, cause then the collision is either weird such as cars tend to jump unrealistically, or they fall through entirely..

    As for the cars colliding when touching the splitter on big jumps, that's because car's collision model follows the splitter probably, it could be made further above it (which I always recommend), so that this strange digging the ground - sudden stop doesn't happen.
  8. Yep, i said that in one my posts. It's doable by using collision on the top part but then tires will sink thru and the cars body will skid along the surface. But if you use a material that has no feedback, there is not a lot of friction.. That is, i believe, only way to do loop-de-loops..