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Is it possible to race against more ai cars?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul McCluskey, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Is it possible to race against more than 11 ai cars?

    soon as try race with more than 11 ai cars my game crashes saying there is a unknown problem
  2. Yes, do this. It opens quick race option with more cars than just 11.
  3. Something to be aware of. when you enable racemode and you do a quick race. you will NOT get the 4 difficulty settings come up, so you do not get easy,medium,hard,alien. you have instead an AI strength. that is exactly the same as difficulties. For settings that match the other difficulties these are the numbers.. EASY = 88% strength, medium=94%, hard =98%, Alien = 100% So if you set the AI strength to say 75 you are playing it way under the easy setting..

    Just thought i would point that out..
  4. set a 14 lap race at monza against 14 ai , the ai ran out of fuel on lap 11, wonder how we can get it to use a setup with more fuel
  5. With events we can make them use a particular setup - is it possible in quick race? Can't remember, haven't played the game for a week...
  6. Errrm not sure. i dont think you can. there isnt anywhere to input it at least. in the S.E's you can do it, just buy adding a litle extra bit of code to each AI opponent, but i dont think you can from using quick race in the menu's
  7. Fabarth?

    If it was, you need to go to this file:

    Make a copy of the 'asd.ini' file and call it something else, for example: 'morefuel.ini'
    Open that file and look for:

    Increase the value to what you need, then save the file.

    Go to the edited event .ini file here:
    which you created for the 14 car race and open for editing.

    Add the setup line to each AI so they look something like this:
    DRIVER_NAME=David Lewis

    Then save the file. That should be the AI sorted.

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  8. cheers