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PC Is it possible to edit KIT00_BODY_LODA.MEB file?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by rafizan46, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. rafizan46


    I try to replace car body which is the one i created by my self with the mod car body .. I use 3DS Max to create the body, and then use SMS Import tool to import "nis_r35_gt1_kit00_body_loda.meb" file to 3DS Max.. so I replace the body in 3DS Max by substitute it. I also set the material ID, texture, material & other part as well. after finish it, I export as .FBX file. And then I use Project Cars MEB Exporter to convert back to .MEB file. After convert, I replace my edited file with the original file. I open up the game, The car roof is missing & I don't see my moded car body. Is I missing something or End User cannot edit the body? Please help :( already spend 5 days on this :(

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  2. QuadCoreMax


    All is possible, but I won't get into details.
    When modding, the best is to add new content to it, so use this as a reference for your new car...