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Is it possible to add helmet view?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Ian Shute, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. :eh:Hi Guys,
    Does anybody know if it's possible to add the helmet view to a class that does not have it?
    And if so,how is it made possible?
    Many Thanks for any help given:veryhappy:
  2. If I understand you correctly you are asking if it is possible to have helmet view inside the cockpit view? If that's it, unfortunately I don't think it is possible...

    If on other hand you're "only" asking if it is possible to MOD a cockpit view and change it into a helmet view (for standard driving position), than yes it is possible...

    Anyway, try the RACE MODs sub-forum I'm sure that in there all these "if" & “I think” in my answer will be changed into more “certain” & knowledgeable answers :)
  3. Thanks very much for your answer!
  4. it is but not easierly.... If you want to for just one car and only use it offline, I can help...
  5. Many thanks for your offer to help out ,
    I would like to add the helmet view to Jenson Buttons,Brawn in the F1 2009 mod for EVO,
    Or if it would be easier the Porsche 935 mod Diver #7,and yes it will be for offline use only
    Many thanks again,
    P.S How long until the DTM mod is ready?
    Get well Soon.
  6. DTM 09 is getting the cockpits finished right now and they look very very nice....

    can you send me a PM of the cars (not drivers) and that will make me remember :)
  7. Great Günthar!:)

    Because DTM 07/08 cockpits where not very strong...

    So you are finishing MMG F1 2007 and DTM 09?

    Will you have some time later for FIA GT 2008 v2.1 (more online fixes)?:p