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Is it just me....

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by MacLeod|, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. .... Or does the F1 2010 multiplayer feel very empty at the moment? I may have something wrong with my game but whenever I try to use the quick start on the multiplayer menu I never have anyone join the lobby, and when I move over to the custom menu I usually see 1-2 or, at times, 3 races going on (None with more then 4 other drivers racing). Considering how active Codemaster's forums are, I am surprised about the lack of, well, anything going on. Does everybody simply play the game on consoles or what?
  2. No, it's been a real drop in online players, al least on PC, don't know how the consoles are doing but on PC it's really bad.
    There was a short peak around christmas but then it whent down again.

    I have done a lot online racing since the release of this game and it's never been as slow as it's now....not to say that it ever was that many online races to choose from :tongue:

    I find myself doing less random races online and instead moving over to RD organized sessions for clean, fun and fair driving :)
  3. Is it just me or does that "rubber line" that is created lap after lap by the wearing of the tyres on the track just disappeared after installing patch 1.01 of Codemasters? That line somehow helped me stay on the right parts of the tracks, specially on taking the apex of the curves, and having better traction too :S.
  4. Uff


    Have a look here.
  5. There is no doubt about it. Online multiplayer is a friggin ghost town now, unfortunately :(
  6. isamu, register for a licence LICENSE and join us for organised races, always one going on and good clean racing, I believe I am correct in saying that is the best racing. You are more than welcome here, if you drive clean that is. And if you don't you soon will be :D all level's welcome (I am crap by the way :D) come and have some fun !
  7. I wish all platforms could play against each other, would be loads of organised events on here if that was the case.
  8. thanks man, works fine :D
  9. Hello David and thanks for the warm invitation. Unfortunately I will be retiring from online racing in F1 2010 soon, as I'm now level 49 and once I hit 50, which I expect to do in a little under two weeks from now, I will be focusing on the single player campaign of F1 2010. When I first started playing F1 2010, I was doing *ONLY* online races, and because it was so addicting, I couldn't pull myself away from it and didn't even glance at career mode. But now that I'm nearing 50, I guess I'll have an excuse to finally give it a gander :p

    Anyway once I'm done with the single player career, maybe I'll join your crew. :)
  10. Well if you do you are more than welcome and good luck with the career, it's flavour is quite different and it is quite fun once you get into it.