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is it just me or is grid 2 crap?

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by Barry Mitchell, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Been playing grid 2- waited of rit for EVER and was pretty excited about playing it. Now that i have played it i am bored already. Its just a toy car game for kids.. very disappointed.

    Looks like its back to race 07 for me.
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  2. In my opinion grid 2 is just a game that you can have a lot of fun with, without having to worry about setting up the car or anything like that. I love it for going online with some mates and having fun... :)
  3. i played online the other night and had no choice of car at all,.., am i missing something? I played single player and I dint get to do anything except get threw in to a race with a car i never picked (i hate american muscle cars) and a race style i have no interest in.. if i could get a refunbd from steam i would.,
  4. its a good arcade game.
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  5. just have fun with it, like alex said,
    its defo no sim, but im having loads of fun with it on my wheel online and off.
    still love my sim racing, this is more light hearted racing.....enjoy it for what it is :)
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  6. William Wester

    William Wester

    I don't consider myself a gamer, but I love any type of racing game (most everything since mid 1990's - consoles to PC). My preference are sim based racers but I do enjoy an arcade change of pace. I also don't like the extremes like Mario Kart to netKar but that doesn't make them bad games because I don't enjoy them. Loved GRID 1, GRID 2 is pretty close to what I expected in it's sequel - some things I like better, some things I don't.
    Racing games, it's about driving fast and competing but there are many different ways to create the experience. I am glad all racing games are not alike, that would also be boring.
  7. Stephen Austin

    Stephen Austin
    xSRx FullBoost

    thats correct, you slowly unlock more cars as you complete online races. but you can upgrade them almost straight away (this can change based on tier)

    get used to that alfa/charger/nsx/merc you will be racing A LOT with them.

    i would prefer a different system but it is what it is. single player has zero effect on multi.

    as an arcade racer, grid2 is wonderful. but it was marketed as a sim/arcade hybrid racing game much like the original grid. codies lied and mislead the 'core' fans and thats where all the outrage is coming from. IMO

    the worst part for me is the day1 dlc outrageous prices for a couple of cars. cars that are actually OP in multi...

    stop stripping content out of games and selling it back to us!!!!

    but im enjoying myself despite the shortcomings. add me on steam! anarki_lp
  8. ok im going to give it another go .. downloading.
  9. ok played it again.. and its really crap. I played it offline for about 10 minutes and the car I am forced to play with just dosnt feel like any car I have ever driven before - BTW I own a real mercedes C Class Sport with the flappy paddle gearbox and this game is nothing like driving a car at all - I tried using the gears on the wheel too but I think the people who have made grid must commute to work in buses.. i think they might have never actually been in a real car.
  10. It's a G A M E mate ... its for having F U N ... so if you can't do that with it then sell it and move on .... sorry but it gets repetitive hearing these type of complaints from people whos' expectations are obviously way too high to begin with.

    And if you were expecting an arcade racing game to feel the same as your real life Merc then you were always going to be disappointed, try out rFactor2 or C.A.R.S. both have more realistic physics but are, from my perspective, a whole lot Less Fun.

    Your assertion that it is "really crap" is purely your opinion and I dont deny your entitlement to that but I have found that on my PC with a Fanatec PWTS I have a helluva lotta fun and as a "game" it feels "real" enough to me.

    My experience over 30 odd yrs (yes I am old) owning & driving real world sports and luxury cars is pretty good but I don't confuse or mix the two !
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  11. William Wester

    William Wester

    "... this game is nothing like driving a car at all".

    And GRID 1 was like driving a real car? I guess it comes down to expectations, I never expected it to drive like my twin turbo 1 Series BMW (I do appreciate good driving cars!). There isn't ANY racing game that drives like a real car.
    To each their own, no game appeals to everyone.
  12. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    If you play it expecting a sim it is going to be crap, play it with a fun game mind set and its a blast!

    I am having good fun with it
  13. As a SIM enthusiast, I have had great fun playing the Dirt Series but, it has somewhat believable physics once the grip levels are lowered a bit. I just could never come to grips with the handling in Grid although, I certainly tried. I don't plan on getting Grid2 based on what I'm reading here. None the less, it's good to see mods being made that will enhance the Grid2 experience and yes, we can have it both ways - fun sometimes, serious other times.
  14. Dux


    i just downloaded Grid 2 and i can say that the graphics are great but why there is no camera view from the inside? That's huge miss!
  15. Look in Grid2 Mods for Cockpitcam Mods :)
    GRID2 Cameras <== klick
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