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Is it just me...or have the cars gotten slower

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bernd Graf, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Ever since update 0.5.2, I have noticed the cars have driven slower around the various courses.

    In the update the team specified that small changes had been made to the tyre model to improve feel and driving nuances--with this I agree, for the cars behave better than before and the little issues that bothered me about the driving experience seemed to have disappeared....and have been replaced with this new problem.

    Now, to qualify: I am NOT an alien, I am consistently ~4 seconds slower than the fastest times posted around the circuits. However, I am fast enough to know when a change occurs that makes me slower.

    Despite every effort, I cannot seem to race the same way I was, or go as fast as I did. For example, in the 458 s3, gear ratios seem to have been altered that prevent entering 7th gear in Curva Grande as Lorenzo Case does in a Ferrari-licensed video of 458 challenge around Monza. With some effort, I was formerly able to post 1:50s and 1:49s at Monza in the 458 s3...now, I am struggling to make 1:53s.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Well they said that they made some changes to the tyre model. But it wasn't a very drastic change. So that may have contributed some to the time deficit.

    However, I've always felt that the 458 S3 felt just a little too grippy.
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  3. Yeah, I agree with that about the s3, too grippy, doesn't have enough of a mind of its own.
  4. I thought so too until I shaved half a second off my PB in the E92 BMW M3 at Silverstone International using the default set. I thought I had a pretty good lap there (21st on RSR) pre-update and I have been running slower in the other handful of cars I've tried but every lap was getting faster and I set my new PB on lap 14.
  5. Yep im a second off my pace at Imola in the GT3, Im up at 1:45's now.
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  6. The tire model seems more difficult closer to the limit. But it's also more rewarding when you drive well at the limit.
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys.