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Is it just because I'm cr*p?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by gen langsdorf, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. I've been trying to drive around Melbourne for some months now, starting with all assists on, then worked my way to braking off and all others on. On that setting I was able to do 1:23.
    Now I recall when I played GP2 that changing to manual gears really did improve my times but doing it with F1 2011 I'm a good few seconds behind my ghost car best lap. I've tried putting all the assists to off but that just makes matters worse. Melbourne is a track I know reasonably well (having done so many laps), I've looked at other peoples laps on the likes of YouTube but I just can't seem to improve.
    Am I destined to be cr*p for the rest of my playing time, is it my age, or have I missed something fundamental? I would offer to upload a video but would worry about the sort of comments I would get.:oops:
    Any suggestions appreciated before I go back to all assists on - it's no fun being last all the time:(
  2. Did you also tun off ABS?
    With ABS on you're faster but it's not very fun to play IMO.
    Same for TCS but with a gamepad it's nearly impossible to turn TCS off.

    I'm driving with all assists off except auto gear and TCS, both because of the gamepad.
    That's ok and I'm very competitive against human players and of course against the AI.

    A very important part of this game are the setups. Maybe you should have a look into this.
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Keep the assists off and you will notice that at some point it all starts to come together :)
  4. Worry not, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be laughed at here. On the other hand, seeing how you drive and learning what you do wrong could help A LOT. ;)
  5. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    I can vouch for the above.....

    No one is gonna laugh at a dude with a moustache like that, shades and ink all over his arms, trust me. Kinda scary!!

    But as Bram has said, no aids on is the way to go.....you'll find you'll adjust quicker, and probably have quicker responses aswell.

    Right I'm off to hide!! :p
  6. Keep the aids off m8. Upload ur vid, post it here for us to analyse for you with ur full setup and then u can delete ur vid in a week or so, to stop others viewing and commenting if ur worried. And remember, Melbourne is a fast flowing track, so slow in, fast out!
  7. I was at first much quicker with Medium traction and ABS on, as you can tend to just throttle through corners without as much fear, but once you adapt to the assists being off you will get quicker, it's just remembering not to go full throttle or just slam on the brakes as with the assists off, it will not agree with it. All takes time but is much more enjoyable.

    In regards to gears it is just about remembering to change up when they reach the full bar (purple dots) or maybe a little earlier if you find you are sitting on the limit too long at times. 1:23.xxx is a great time at Melbourne though and would get pole against legendary AI, so it is possible just a matter of getting use to having assists off. Heck I still have to have cornering line on as I just never remember when to brake, you'll get there eventually I'm sure!
  8. In F1 2011 ABS and TC really make you faster but they take all the fun away and you feel like you drive on rails. Here's one lap at Melbourne with all assists off. This is pretty much a slow lap compared to RD drivers.
  9. Thanks guys, it seems the advice is just to persevere, and I'll get there. I may have a go at uploading a video this weekend so maybe someone can give me some constructive criticism
    BTW - the picture is me at a fancy dress party as Paul Teutel, I don't normally look quite so intimidating :D
  10. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Nice one!