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Is iRacing still competive with other sims ?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by bsmooth, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Read some of the views about iRacing and how its been around now since 2008, and how the looks just don't compete with other sims. I do wish iRacing did have AI racing as well, but I also understand it was meant more for online, but that aside iRacing runs smooth and although probably not having the latest and greatest eye candy.
    I think what most interests simmers isn't eye candy though, its submersion, and iRacing has this down pat. Besides at speed who really cares about looking at individual blades of grass anyways ?
    Best thing is it runs great even on older PC's, which makes it available to many more simmers. If it does get updated, I wonder whether that will be the case.
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  2. iRacing is more complete than any other sim available. It checks all the boxes. The only real knock against iRacing is the cost and some have trouble with the physics, otherwise, it does everything as well as any other sim available if not better.
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  3. i would say iR does 3 things better than anyone else; the painstakingly accurate & detailed tracks & cars, & of course the MP.

    the tires in between those cars & tracks, as well as the feedback from them, prevent me from putting it on any kind of pedestal. fortunately its ever-evolving & the 'living track' (whatever they label it) & the clear shift towards a much more dynamic racing environment all around are really welcome features/changes for me.
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  4. iRacing is still the best race simulator on the market. I think it does'nt need the IA like the arcade sim.
    I use iRacing for the 99% of my freetime and 1% AC!
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  5. MoerasGrizzly


    For one, it has dynamic weather and a realroad system that is more detailed then Rfactor 2 currently, so it does check some boxes there!
    It also has an excellent matchmaking system still (and I do damnedly wish other sims would take note and implement that) as well as featuring quite a few obscure north-american tracks (Barber, VIR) which are laserscanned. The physics aren't really top notch, but they work well enough for the purposes of providing close racing.

    Main issue is still that it's enormously expensive compared to other sims.
  6. Enzo Fazzi

    Enzo Fazzi
    Always sideways Premium

    Dynamic weather? That's still just wind and temperature, right? rFactor 2 has rain, which is a huge feature for dynamic weather, I'd say.
  7. How many people are playing at the moment in AC, rFactor 2, RR, etc and how many people in iRacing? iRacing has a lot of players racing. Now is <1700 players online it speaks for itself. We'll see what changes will be iRacing on DX11.
    Sorry for English
  8. iRacing is the sim to have if you want frequent clean online pickup racing.

    I do agree with some of the comments about the FFB or tire physics not being as good as AC or rF2 for some cars. The tire stuff is improving alot and I love taking out the Mazda MX5, Skip Barber, and Spec Ford Racer cars!

    I spend my sim time as 80% iRacing/10% Assetto Corsa/5% RRRE/5% rF2
  9. snyperal


    95% iracing 5% DayZ

    On some occasions Iracing can look dated, the cockpits can seem bland and lifeless and the damage model is putty, but it's multiplayer is in a league of its own

    I think one of its better selling points is races that start at a certain time, every time. Sorted. You know how long the race is going to be, & you know when the next one is. Other SIM racers should take note
  10. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
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    The best, by far, for online racing.
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  11. By dynamic they mean changeable temperature, humidity, cloud cover etc. Also the track surface will change during a race. I don't use any other Sims so not sure if others do this. The car interiors are scanned from the real thing so are 100% accurate.
  12. Enzo Fazzi

    Enzo Fazzi
    Always sideways Premium

    rFactor 2 does :)
  13. I have no issues with car interiors or exteriors, but the trees can be quite poor on some older tracks. IIBC, I think the Nord vid said they are making or inserting new trees into that track (or all track?)?

    I do love the iRacing lighting and color model/pallete! It is the most realistic looking to my eye.
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  15. Don't listend to guy above, he is biased and it looks like cannot properly configure settings.
    The part about file structure is especially comical. You could say that everything is a GPL clone because it uses files :D.

    Dynamic tracks? Only two games in the industry right know have implemented this feature and excluding the weather it's the iRacing one that is more sophisticated :).

    Of course T2TB will in the response paste wall of text in a very emotional tone :). Keep calm dude :).
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  17. Have you even looking at the schedule? Most series have dynamic weather set. These are not facts but disinformation.
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  19. iRacing just has a nice feel to it, although I'm not using an active wheel, but the cars react the way they should, especially the Skippy. Closest thing I actually drove close to a Skip barber car was a Formula Vee, so maybe thats not a fair comparison, but I've driven the Skip in RFactor and it never quite felt right.Although Stock Car Extreme comes pretty close to what i would call the right "feel". Without a FFB wheel its difficult to make a real close judgement on the dynamic tracks.
    I would like to try and ring out the Nurburgring though and see If its similar to the old GPL track.
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