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Is GTR Evolution realistic?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Sebastien Levret, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if GTR-evolution is realist. I am actually playing at this game and I found that it is a very good game but I would like to have the opinion of the RD community who have the opportunity to drive on track real cars !!!

    Do you think that the behavior of the cars in the game are identical to the real one ? In reality, I think about the behavior of the mini or WTCC cars.

    Thank you.
  2. According to Touring Car drivers who test the game for SimBin, this game is very realistic for WTCC and Minis.
  3. I'd love to see a top RD driver against a pro driver on any named circuit....has anything like this ever been done??
  4. Daniel Juncadella drives for the Red Bull FBMW team in real life and is a member here - he generally kicks ass hehe.
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    In real life or virtual ?

    Have races Robb Huff last year in Monza on the RACE 07 simulator, and he didnt win :D. Can remember that Maik Peters whooped many butts of the real Mini Cooper Challenge drivers at Oschersleben!
    Only real driver that kicked our butts was Chris van der Drift in the F3000 and the radicals, but he had some sim experience in GTR 2 already.
  6. Thank you for you answers
  7. If you want to know about the FBMW cars ask Daniel Juncadella he knows for sure.
  8. The realism is unfortunately more a personal question.

    Indeed, each simulation , or even each car in a simulation could be considered as realistic or not depending on the gamer background

    Finally, perhaps that the most important point is "Is the behaviour of the car coherent with what we imagine that is should be, and it is worth using it to compete on track with friends?"
  9. Nice Info Bram:good:

    Conclusion real driving & and simrdriving always need adaptation and training .
    :focus: , one thing a miss a lot on Evo and Race . It´s the details and all the mechanics working on the Boxes . But they expulse all of them we are support from ghost mechanics eheh

    I thought that would came better in a graphic way and interface to .for was all about of timings and money
    IN that Part a miss a lot from GRT2 :sidefrown:the working rushing time of our mechanics , cause tehy all part of our team . eheheh

    good topic guys.
  10. Yes and in the real life, there is over parameter to take into account (heat, sunshine, ...)

  11. THAT WAS GOOD :peace:
  12. There was me thinking it was a philosphical discussion, on whether GTR Evo is real. And I would be reading some long essay disccussing the application of the methodological scepticism technique to GTR Evo. :juggle:
  13. some of the gt cars do feel quite arcadey, but i iv never driven a gt car so i wouldnt know :)
  14. The only points I know the cars are not realistic is when wheels are tuching a car or the wall and on heating the wheels. (for me it feels so):disapointed:
  15. If you played GTR or GTR 2, that's the reason. In GTR Evo they have more grip! Some people said that GTR 2 was more realistic, because of this, but they were wrong, cause real drivers said that in real life these beasts have even more grip than they have in GTR Evo! Also about the WTCC cars, Pierre-Yves Corthals said that they have more grip in real life! But even he, and other drivers admitted that the game is pretty close to reality, though it not has the G-force effects, and the pressure (from the sponsors, fans, etc..) on it. The tracks also have pretty good detail, however they could be better if they were laser scanned.
  16. Here in Brazil, we have a lot of professional drivers racing with EVO.

    They all say that EVO is very realistic.
  17. The problem with Evo is that a real car, you drive it thru your bottom section of your body. You can never get the same feeling as real car. But this second to best compared to the real deal.
  18. more realistic then most games that say they have real physics
  19. i started with gtr2 at that time and with a good ffb settings you could say its near realistic w/o the gforce ofcours but with evo theres no need for me to play with the ffb settings to get a real feel. default setup presets suits me.
  20. There are a number of racing drivers who have stated that GTR2 didn't have nearly enough grip and that first Race then Evo have gone a long way to address that problem. However the massive increase (a quantum leap) in grip has not been paralled with a massive increase in feel or sensory feedback. The FFB has improved markedly but not remarkably. The visual and audible clues as to what the car is doing or about to do, have at best stood still or IMO taken a backward step, particularly with regard to sound. Without the feeling in ones posterior a sim will always be a sim.

    Now if you happen to own a fully actuated race seat, it would be very interesting to have your evaluation of the efficacy of Evo's FFB.