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Is GT6 a legitimate sim

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by M3ME, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. I'm sure this question pops up, but can gt compare to something the likes of iRacing or rFactor?
  2. ouvert

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    nope, it is not :)
  3. Not at all.
  4. LOL:D:roflmao::roflmao: NO. Even Pcars is more sim.
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  5. Define "legitimate sim". Anything can be compared to anything, the question is moot.
  6. One that accurately simulates a car, not simplified or made easier by numbing effects. I'm sure no sim is 100% accurate, but one that works to get as close as possible
  7. All so-called sims barely brush the surface of what it's like to really drive a car at speed. The more targeted sims like iRacing, R3E, GSCE, AC etc. all go to a greater level of depth and complexity than GT6 does, but driving a car in GT6 is still a good simulation experience. Lap times are realistic with the proper tires, cars handle roughly the way they are supposed to, tires wear out, tuning works to a degree etc. I was a decently fast driver in GT6 and made the jump to Assetto Corsa and I'm decently fast there too. Some of the alien drivers I knew of in the GT series are also alien drivers on pc. The principles are basically the same to achieve good lap times in either game, there are just more variables in AC vs. GT6 and the tuning in AC more closely mimics real life.
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    Heed my mistake, this thread is gonna get messyyyyy
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  9. Its not the most reallistic sim by a long shot but its definetly a good starting point in my opinion. When i started to get into this sim hobby it was with gt5 and i learned allot from it. I learned the basics of car handling and learned how to go fast in gt5 and 6. But there came a point when i had outgrown it sort of speak. As i didnt had a game pc only a simple laptop i tried iracing for a while as its not that hard on your hardware. And i was amazed at how competetive i was right from the start. I flew through the ranks in that mazda and later in a Ruf and was getting on the podium and winning races from the start. Not long after that i bought myself a good pc so i could try more sims as i still think iracing is a bit expensive.

    Everyone always claimed gt6 to be easy or simcade or whatever and ofcourse its a bit more forgiving then other hardcore sims but its physics are pretty solid. Its a great tool to learn the basics and you will find that you can take what you learn from it to other sims.
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