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is GSC 2012 on the way out?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Andrew Ford, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford
    Premium Member

    I currently have rfactor 2 which is very much a beta even though they say it isn't . great physics but think people are bored of waiting for it.hope it doesnt end up like netkar pro.
    I have race 07 which is still very much in action but not had all great experiences in one of the clubs (i should say there are some very honest drivers).
    I've iracing for a couple of months but not my cup of tea- not happy with the braking physics. there is AC ...but i will predict that that will not be out until at least JUne. f1 2012...filled with bugs and not a sim. okay, i'm sounding fussy but...is there a sim community that is still buzzing or is everything lying in wait for the next big thing?
    my question is, is gsc 2012 the place to race competitively or is IT too on the way out?

    When i joined rd a couple of years back, the place was buzzing with rfactor stuff. maybe i imagined it.
  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    I think the sim world is "in between" at the moment. A lot have "tasted" from the next gen software, but none of that next gen is finished yet. So, people are tend to get bored with older content, if they know newer is there, and that its better.

    We have so many promissing platforms coming soon, and they all need new content.

    In terms of GSC
    To me, it's still one of the most enjoyable games to be driving. Lack of time is the reason I am not racing it. I think its briljant, and has a very high smile factor (in a positive way).
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  3. Beautiful cars to drive and race with, especially with tyre wear increased allowing race strategy to be a factor :)
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  4. There is definitely something missing somewhere. To me, people either seem to be settling for something familiar, or dipping their toes in pay for 'betas' and feeling disappointed as the game is lacking in some respect.

    You know what though, F1 2010 was my first racing game with a wheel, and despite its arcadeness, its THE most fun ive had gaming with awesome guys from RD - a load of us here cut our teeth on 2010. Then F1 2011 arrived and it tore us all apart and over time we are now spread across various sims.
    I ve tried rF1, Race 07, GSC, RRRE and currently rF2. Now I seem consumed with buggering around with wheel settings, having more garage settings to play with than I understand, spend time having to make mods so I can play online with friends - all this in pursuit of the racing fun I used to have with 'arcady' F1 2010 - thats progress!
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  5. Yeah i agree with all that. I fondly remember the 2010 days. My first ever online race was 2010 with a whole bunch of fair, respectful, race loving guys. Istanbul, rain started half way through getting heavier and i ended up beaching the car at the end of the looong straight near the end. Remember it fondly and all the other races too. So much so in fact if you remember i tried to get some '10 racing going well after '11 was born but few were interested.

    There are Sims out there that look better but i don't get the same car immersion that i do with GSC. Has it lost it's Mojo or on the way out??... There's definately not much of a Community happening, alot of the club races' fields are small unfortunately. The variety is lacking a little bit but i can only talk for me there.
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  6. Yes, 2010 was probably the most fun of them all. I still remember some truly epic races at Spa, Hockenheim and a few other tracks. Despite it being called arcady I still had some of my best races in it, going through corners side by side with another driver, and both showing respect to give each other room to make the turn was so great.

    GSC is in some ways better than rf2 and in others not, hard to say which is the best when considering all aspects. I do not like the overcomplicated mod system in rf, also the way the car handles when it spins out or goes off track is rediculous - it rotates around it center axis, like you put a steel pole through the center of the car and spin it like a merry-go-round...

    However, both are good games, no doubt there but what I really miss the most is driving on the real F1 tracks in cars that look like the real ones, that and racing with the "good old crowd" if you know what I mean :)

    A combo of GSC2012/rf2 with the tracks/cars from F12010/11 would make an brilliant game, hm ? ;):cool:
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  7. Yes the "good old crowd". Remember our reunion last year?? Here's a bit of footage from it, well the bit where we were discussing how long the races should be in the next league and we couldn't agree ...

  8. Hahaha yes, it got really ugly there :roflmao:
  9. maybe the activity will pick up in the future when there's a league? also im thinking of rotating the cars on different days, hopefully attracting new blood :D
  10. @ ledfoot57, sweet lookin' car :cool:

    @ Scott Webber, maybe RD could/should run a Poll or something less formal like asking for Members feedback on the type of cars and races we/they want. Ie: Favoured vehicle, Tracks, Race length, Tyre wear (possibly increased to create pitstops).... :confused:
    I know you are busy with your Groupies and Pit Babes but it's just a thought :p
    ( i need to stop thinking....more Beer required)!!
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  11. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    As I mentioned in another thread, its the start times that prevent me joining. Race 07 and rF2 start at 20:00. Is there any particular reason the GSC events start an hour earlier?
    I have noticed a decline in numbers in the other sims too, so I don't think it's limited to just this one.
  12. Ahh well, if it's a general decline in race numbers in other sims then a Poll or similar prob. won't help increase numbers (which is the whole point i suggested it ofc).
  13. and what's even worse...I noticed a decline in pitbabes too, seems that nothing compares to F1 when it comes to girls ;):D
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  14. hmm ok, maybe that will help, i'll change the times :)
  15. I personally prefer the early times GSC racing club uses, gives me time to do something after the race. I always wonder why with the other games its always so late :p
  16. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium Member

    I'm satisfied with 1900 GMT. When we end at 2200 my time, it's already late. It's about noise issue too, which is quite important when you're living in a flat. Simracing is quite noisy hobby. :)
  17. just to clarify not all the events will go late, i'll rotate them by 1 each week, just to give people a chance themselves to join if the earlier times are not possible :)
  18. I will join every Formula Reiza race, but unfortunately these thoroughbred racers don't appear popular with the rest of the community.
  19. John Grant

    John Grant
    Dont Rub me up the wrong way Premium Member

    Good to see some comment from another fellow South African, I must agree that time is the major problem. Unfortunately mate we are in the lesser . some times its past mid-nigh when racing and we offer up our time to take part, seems the rest of the community just takes this for granted. So being in the minority, guess we will just have to take the beating.
    Good to hear your view