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Is fuel simulation still broken?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by andy9283, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hi.

    I know fuel simulation was at least broken before the patch. As in it didn't work for the AI.
    With fuel simulation on, i always got a massive train of AI build up behind me, while anyone in front fly's away. I usually pit out near last place after the first stop.

    Im still kinda getting this now, and have to turn it off to make the game possible.

    So is it still broken or is it fixed now (and i'm just a rubbish driver lol)?
  2. Still broken i think
  3. It doesnt even work properly with the AI mods on this site. I had to turn it off to even come close. I do full length races so my car is quite heavy when full of fuel. The other AI cars blast past me and take turns faster than I ever could, ever with true AI. This is because they have no fuel load. I have to turn off fuel sim, which just wrecks the game since the AI can't keep up to me otherwise.

    To be quite honest, the game is broken. And it was never fixed. I seriously wish I woulda looked up that I coulda torrented this for free, instead of spending my 30 bucks on it.
  4. Fuel sim for the AI does exist in the (patched) game, however it does not work properly. The RDDev True AI mod improves the effect of fuel sim on the AI but it also makes the AI behave more competitively as well. So the end result is that on Legends AI they will still blaze past you, but the reason is they are more competitive not because True AI did fuel sim wrong. I found that racing on Professional or Intermediate was much better. Another reason I used to think fuel sim wasn't strong enough for AI was I did not perform my race starts well and would get swamped at the start. After lots and lots of practice starts I don't get swamped as much anymore.
  5. Yeah, pirating the game is really going to encourage them to make another in the series, isn't it? Also, I wouldn't discuss it here, not if you don't want to be banned.

    The game isn't broken - it's flawed in places, some more serious than others such as the pitstop issue, but it's still a great game and will be built on in F1 2011.
  6. The AI is pretty bad - either broken for fuel or very inconsistent. And I don't just mean inconsistent on a track by track basis (like how they are awesome in Spain but awful in Canada) but also on a corner by corner basis, having crazy amounts of grip in some corners, but so slow in others you have to be careful not to rear end them.

    That said the actual drving sim side of the game is very good. It may not be as realistic as some people want, but I think it feels pretty good, and the main thing is you can be consistent. You understand why you went faster or slower and the car gives good feedback. You can feel (even without FF) when a drying line is allowing you to push or when your tires are starting to go off, or your fuel load is getting light.

    Add this into a multiplayer experience around non crash-kiddies like here and you have a very enjoyable game. I think my only real wish is that damage sim was turned up to prevent people going for deliberate contact.

    But yeah in single player turn fuel sim off. :(
  7. I think that its just not right for them to leave a game like this, with large issues that can break the core of the game, the driving and feel of being a formula 1 driver. I recently put the AI on legend and that is giving me some challenge in career mode. I can deal with the AI issues with having trouble on tracks and whatnot. Hopefully thats improved upon, but I understand there will always be issues.

    However, something as simple as fuel simulation, basically making all the cars weigh the same as yours at the start of a race, seems easy enough in theory. And the fact that they have not fixed it baffles me. Its the same equivilent of picking Legend difficulty and having it get EASIER rather than harder. Not to mention the pit issue, which I imagine could be pretty complex. Maybe the developers are thinking to themselves, we will fix it next game and give a better product.

    They are thinking of adding all these new features, when they can't or won't even fix their old ones. So to me, I am glad I didn't pirate this particular game. It does alot of things well, its a great game. But if they can't support their products they don't deserve peoples money. Thats my point.